Interior Decorating Ideas - Most Asked Questions About Decorating

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Publish Date : 2021-02-26 11:52:47
Interior Decorating Ideas - Most Asked Questions About Decorating

Interior decorating can be a challenge for almost anyone. With so many choices in the design world, it's easy to become overwhelmed. In my more than 25 years as a designer, I've answered thousands of questions. Here are the top questions I get from clients, perhaps that will help you with your home decorating needs.

Question: Where do I start I'm overwhelmed?
Answer: Set your priorities, which rooms are to be decorated, create a budget. Go shopping for fabric selections, and furniture styles.

Question: My husband hasn't any taste, but an opinion. How can we ever compromise?
Answer:  Only give him a limited selection, at least three of your favorite preselected choices.

Question: What looks great in the stores, doesn't always work in my home. What can I do?
Answer: Create a design folder containing photographs, dimensions of walls, windows, furniture, magazine ideas, and paint samples. A great portfolio, and a perfect reference guide while shopping.

Question: My best friend has wonderful taste! Couldn't I use her as my designer?
Answer: Head off a potential disaster, and remain friends. You may not always agree.

Question: Should I redecorate, start over, or build a new house?
Answer: A clean slate has no barriers, however a creative challenge is worth the effort.

Question: I like traditional, my husband wants the look of contemporary. How can we combine both styles, and be happy?
Answer: Decorating is intended to excite and promote enjoyment, I would suggest a transitional, or modern style. Both have the appearance of traditional, and clean lines of contemporary.

Question: Is it a good idea to reupholster my old furniture?
Answer: It really depends on the piece, if it 's an antique, family keepsake, or fine crafted goods. Yes definitely, if not, consider fabric, and labor cost, in most cases you'll find it works in your favor to purchase new.

Question:  I can't afford a designer, and I want my home to look nice, what are my options?
Answer: Engage two or three hours of a designer's time, be upfront, explain that all you need is a complete creative consultation of suggestions, and ideas.  Don't forget to request a follow up appointment  for fine tuning, a few hours is worth a room filled with expensive blunders, and a waist of your time.

We should always learn from mistakes, ether by our own, or the misfortunes of others. These ten questions  will limit the chance of ever repeating the same mistake twice. Decorating a home is an enjoyable experience its a time for change, and the opportunity to create new family memories.

Interior decorating is a personal expression of your inner self. Everyone deserves to live or work in an environment that is comfortable and excites them. You can definitely do it yourself but you want to be sure you're not making any costly mistakes. I invite you to discover the answers to the most important decorating questions asked by people planning a decorating project. Visit [] now to pick up your free special report.

Donald Ramey, is a graduate of the American Academy of Art, with more than 25 years as a professional designer. He has been a highly sought-after designer for upscale department stores. He now works with private clients locally and across the country to help them define their style, choose colors, fabrics, paints, furniture, accessories, lighting and flooring that creates a wow factor for every day living. He also owns a design showroom in Naperville, Illinois

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