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How to Manage Avast Offline Installer

Author : tech800n
Publish Date : 2021-05-22 07:24:46
How to Manage Avast Offline Installer

If you are someone who does not have an online connection but needs an antivirus for your PC, that is precisely what we are going to see today. Within this report, you will find all kinds of information about Stop Avast Popups and also How to use it.

The way to download the avast offline installer

Avast download procedure is reasonable just follow the steps below to make the process much easier.

  • You mainly want to visit the program download part of this avast website, you can easily do so by clicking on this hyperlink.
  • Today you will need to click on the antivirus version you would like to download, in this situation it is the offline installer.
  • When you're done with this, click save file or start the download to get avast offline installer.
  • Your download process should start now.

Now let's consider how to configure avast offline installer, but first I want to give you a little information on things to remember before starting the installation procedure.

Things to Remember

Google Toolbar: In certain circumstances, avast allows you to configure the Google Toolbar in your Internet browser. That is the reason why the Google Toolbar also allows non-English translation. In case you prefer a language other than English, it is possible to install the Google toolbar.

Avast Browser: Another important aspect to remember is that avast antivirus installs avast browser on your computer automatically. Avast browser will also be set as the default. If you are not in favor of avast browser, you can easily uncheck the browser settings option.

Language Change: Avast also gives you the opportunity to change languages ​​if you are not that familiar with English. To change the terminology, in the upper right corner choose the language you would like to change after setup.

How to configure avast Notebook offline?

When you have finished downloading avast offline installer, follow the steps below to install it.

  • Visit the folder where the offline installer was downloaded and click avast_free_antivirus_setup_offline.exe.
  • Now, the Windows user accounts dialog box may appear, click on the YES option.
  • After completing this installation of avast, the screen will appear.
  • If you are eager to configure the offline installer with all the default attributes, such as the Google Chrome browser, just click on the install alternative.
  • However, if you want to set up an avast offline installer on a different drive or want to disable certain features, you can customize your choice.
  • Just uncheck the attribute you don't want. For example, if you are not interested in installing the Google Chrome browser with avast, just uncheck the "Yes, then additionally install the Google Chrome Internet browser" option.
  • After evaluating your options, click the install option to start the setup procedure.
  • The application installation procedure will start and take a couple of minutes to complete.
  • Setup is complete when you visit "You are protected!" On your monitor screen. Now, click on the last option.
  • You will then see a "Please do not affect this" screen. On the screen, you will be shown the avast privacy policy and how to use the data. When you have finished studying the privacy policy, click CONTINUE again.
  • Your setup procedure is complete. Now, avast will ask you to install avast cell security for Android devices.
  • If you want to enter it, please enter your email id in the particular area and click submit.
  • You will get a download link in the registered email id.
  • If you want to skip it for now, click on the "No, I really don't want to protect my Android phone" hyperlink.
  • Once the step is complete or finished, your setup method is complete.

What is Avast Offline Installer?

It is a security suite that has been provided by avast firm. Avast Premier Offline installer is like free avast antivirus, but it gives you the benefit of some superior features. Below are the different features and superior services that avast offer.

Driver Updater

This independent service with additional subscriptions is responsible for the download, in addition to the configuration, of the official job drivers in the parts of your device.

Wi-Fi Agency

It scans your system and finds any problems that could cause injury to your device. The attribute also shows the devices that are on the network.


If you want to make a questionable application or connection, you can do so without damaging your device in a Sand Boxed environment that uses this attribute.

Confidential Data Sheild

Sensitive data on your device, such as payroll and tax records, needs to be protected and also helps protect that information from unauthorized access.

Secure Line VPN

That's just another standalone feature that you can get access to by paying additional subscription charges. Protect your information online, such as location, identity, and IP address.

Premium Cleaning

This attribute simply removes all the junk and applies modifications to ineffective settings on your PC.

Data Shredder

Documents that you do not need to recover in the long term are deleted indefinitely with the help of this attribute.

Webcam Shield

As the name implies, this feature works as a shield between you and some other malware looking to spy on you. Prevent malware from accessing and spying on your device.


In today's world, everything from an individual's could be ruined simply by gaining access to a very simple password. And this feature protects your passwords and simplifies them through an encryption procedure.

Program Updater

The most important role of the function is to test whether each of the programs on your device is up to date with its own updates or not. If not, this attribute will allow you to update them or request your consent to produce the updates.

Avast Offline installer Document Size

It is clear that the file size of the offline installer is much larger than that of the Internet installer. The file size for Avast online installer is approximately 7.05 MB, while the document size for its offline installer is 250 MB.

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