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Author : sushant_desai
Publish Date : 2021-03-09 06:13:02

The several functions of Excel are forming graphs and tools, data formatting, creating balance sheets and reports, predefined as well as custom-made functions, etc., to name some of them. A certified MS Excel candidate has a better and brighter opportunity to avail of higher paid and secure jobs than an untrained or non – certified candidate. The several certifications a candidate may undertake to certify his skills and knowledge in MS Excel are:-

- Excel skills for business by Coursera              

- Microsoft Office Certifications by Microsoft

- Introduction to data analysis using Excel by Coursera

- Excel certification by LinkedIn learning

- Microsoft Excel certification by GoSkills

- Excel essentials:- The complete Excel series by Udemy Excel from beginner to advanced by Udemy

- Excel certification courses by E – LearnExcel

Cost of the certification: - The MS Excel Certification costs around approximately $100 USD for a single candidate while schooling and training centers may get a negotiated discount charge.

Training and preparation: - The preparations for MS – Excel certifications and the Microsoft Excel training do not ask for rigorous hard work. It can be just self-study equally distributed and sincerely followed that helps the candidate to clear the examination in the first attempt itself. There are several books, guides, training portals, offline centres for getting sharpened in using MS – Excel and related tools and mastering the Microsoft Excel course.

Some exceptional skills required to land a secured job that is non-negotiable are:-

- Basic navigation and usability of Excel spreadsheet software goes without saying.

- The candidate is expected to be familiar with macros and VBA The better arrangement of data cells and columns for better functioning is a preferred skill among the recruiters.

- Knowledge of Excel and its working: - the various types of Excel functions that a layman cannot perform must be a piece of cake for an Excel expert or certified professional. With easier data analysis and interpretation tools, the efficiency and productivity of the employee are expected to be enhanced.

- The application of proper data validating features to the existing data is also a required skill.


- IF function

- The statistics, data and related entries should be sorted into different cells efficiently.

- The ability to protect confidential data and to save them to passcode protected sheets goes without saying.

- Proper data formatting skills

- Facts, figures and functionalities of basic calculations, predefined functions and formulas

- Graph and chart formation with a specific table of information to understand it better.

- A good knowledge of the creation of custom-defined functions and formulas for better handling of the specific data set.

- Pivot tables

Several jobs that an MS Excel certified:-

  1. Data journalists: - Data journalists work with a ton load of data and thus are benefited with minimal knowledge of Excel.
  2. Accountants: - Accountants keep accounts of all that goes on in an organization along with a keen eye to the benefit to cost ratio and allied functionalities. The functions thus should be performed by an accountant require mathematical equations, formulas, etc. Although there are several other applications and software for these functions, Excel has been preferred the most.
  3. Administrative assistants: - A good knowledge of Excel is the main criteria for getting a post like that of administrative assistants as they are expected to keep records, cater to customer databases, generate reports, etc.
  4. Retail store managers: - The main responsibility of retail store managers is to maintain the stock record along with the provider, the customers, and the expenditure (cost) and profit as well. This is best possible with Excel.
  5. Financial analysts: - Financial analysts should be well versed in Excel, to say the least, as their function revolves around subtracting, multiplying, making sheets, balance sheets, analyzing results, etc.

Thus, the above-said skills once mastered and certified with a competent certification can be the best achievement for a candidate. The certification can secure the future of the candidate on the foundation of his or her MS Excel skills. The jobs one can effortlessly achieve with MS Excel skills have been summarized above.

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