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How to fix IP address not found in Microsoft Edge

- By tech800n
Publish Date : 2021-05-20 08:23:55
How to fix IP address not found in Microsoft Edge

Browser problems can be particularly inconvenient. Internet access is an integral part of contemporary life. In your home, you probably have multiple devices and users accessing the network at the same time and an error such as 'host IP address could not be found' can hamper your own productivity.

What causes the IP address not found?

The error 'Host IP address could not be found' may also appear that the 'host' DNS address could not be found. DNS stands for Domain Name System Server. Don't let this error worry you because it is generally a simple solution. An IP address or DNS error can be caused by a couple of things:

How to Fix IP Address Not Found Microsoft Edge Error

The following 7 responses to the 'IP address may not be found' error are simple and quick. You'll check a site's uptime first, before moving on to shared DNS alternatives, and ultimately along with other potential causes of Microsoft Edge Virus Alert Popup.

1. Evaluate the status of the website

Websites can come back for many different factors. Recently decades, DDOS attacks are now becoming more and more common. DDOS attacks or distributed denial of service attacks are aimed at malicious occasions, with the aim of overwhelming a site's host tools with visitors. This can cause the site to crash. Amazon Web Services, Twitch, Netflix, HBO, and many more are inaccessible to customers due to the strikes.

2. Clear DNS Cache

The cache helps save time and improves browsing speed. Allow your browser to bypass the DNS lookup procedure for previously visited websites. You may need to clear your DNS cache in case the stored information is out of date. Websites can alter your domain name or IP address for various reasons, and in case your DNS cache has one saved address, it will not attempt to fetch another, even if that one is no longer in use. Clearing the cache forces your system to search for the IP address to retrieve the updated address.

3. Change DNS Servers

Your DNS server is automatically installed by your ISP (network service provider) or modem. Not all DNS servers have been created at once, and your ISP's default DNS server may be calmed down by above-average consumer action. Slow DNS queries can cause the error "Host IP address not found". This problem can be solved by choosing a different DNS server. Microsoft includes a public DNS server that is popular due to its stability and speed. Follow the steps below to change your DNS host to Microsoft's.

4. Restart the DNS Service

You can also restart the DNS service to find out if your Windows 10 support is failing and causing errors. This is very quick and easy.

· Press Windows Key + R on the keyboard. This will start the Run program.

· Enter "services.msc" and then click OK. This will establish a service management window.

· The list of providers must be alphabetical. Scroll down until you find the DNS client registered.

· Right-click DNS Client and select Restart.

· Try using Microsoft Edge and see if the problem is resolved.

5. Reinstall Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge could be incorrectly configured or contaminated. If you reinstall Microsoft Edge, you will be provided with a fresh, updated installation that could resolve this error. Fortunately, Microsoft has continued to improve the setup procedure, and it is simple and painless. Follow the steps below to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Edge. Don't worry about your preferences; Windows 10 will save all your settings and bookmarks. You may want to log into your accounts.

6. Update the Network Drivers

Network adapters are essential to allow your computer to connect to local area (LAN) connections. Computers usually have a USB network adapter or a wireless network adapter. Device drivers help interface applications through system hardware. When a network adapter has outdated or corrupted drivers, this can prevent the use of the network adapter and subsequently your access to the network. To update the network adapter drivers:

7. Check the Proxy Settings

Proxy servers work to reduce the load on all DNS servers. They function as an interface between your system and the DNS servers. As an example, a proxy server will retrieve the DNS data stored on its own system to feed to some other user instead of obtaining the right to the DNS server. When configuring proxy settings, errors may occur. Windows 10 allows you to automatically discover the ideal proxy settings, which generally fixes this problem. Follow the steps below to get the settings through Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge Server IP Address Problem Fixed

Looking at the above-mentioned options should have fixed the 'Host IP address not found' error which was probably driving you crazy. You learned how to check if a website is experiencing service issues, flush its DNS cache, change its DNS server, reset its DNS support, reinstall Microsoft Edge, update your system drivers, and also check your proxy settings. Hopefully you have discovered some new skills and tools and thus got all your favorite websites back.

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