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How to complete Norton failed error?

- By techcust1
Publish Date : 2021-04-02 11:02:05
How to complete Norton failed error?

There are several threats to our computer’s security and privacy in today’s times and with the digital world-changing. There is a constant threat that viruses will infect our computers or any of our digital devices. There are also innumerable ways that the cybercriminal can always intrude to our privacy; therefore, we have to be extremely careful. You will need the Security of the prison for your data. Norton antivirus security’s current technology includes all of the multiple layers of Security that will catch and block all other threats that try to infect your devices. The Norton antivirus or antimalware includes all the features that protect your device. There are times when the antivirus or the antimalware fails to complete the update..

Norton antivirus live update for downloading and securing all the required updates for your computer’s total Security. If you install the regular live updates, Security will be ensured. There are times when Norton failed to complete the live update you do not need to stress at all. In this article, your query will be solved. The Norton antimalware will run all the files from your device or computer and then check if the virus or any malware functions are happening. After running the total scan, it will reveal all the files or documents that are causing problems or threats to your device.

Your digital Security is crucial at this time. Sometimes Norton antivirus live update may fail to complete the update because of its connectivity problems. You do not need to worry. Follow the simple steps to resolve this error:

Firstly try the age-old technique of restarting your computer or your device. 

  • First of all, Exit all programs.
  • Restart your device or the computer.

Secondly, run all the LiveUpdate that are installed in the device:

  • Start your Norton. It will start updating.
  • Next, you will notice the window of My Norton, which is present just next to Device Security,
  • Then click Open.
  • Next in the main window, always double-click on Security,
  • Then click on the button of LiveUpdate.
  • When Norton LiveUpdate is ended
  • Click OK.
  • Run all of LiveUpdate until you see the message on the screen. Your Norton product has the latest protection updates.”
  • Exit all programs,
  • Restart the computer.

Thirdly, try to troubleshoot the error


  • If you have followed all of the above steps properly
  • If the error still persists, try troubleshooting the error
  • Click on troubleshoot
  • Next, all the errors will be displayed
  • Try clicking on the error displayed one by one
  • The solutions will be flashed on the screen
  • Then restart your device or computer.

The fourth step is to contact the customer care or their technical team

Also, many times the Norton antivirus live update fails to update message will pop up on your screen while doing your important work, which may cause hindrance to your working aspects. By following the above steps, you will need not worry. This issue can be resolved very quickly without much worry. All you will require is to connect to the Norton support team. Every friendly technical support team is always there to help you with any Norton issues and ensure helps around the clock. So, in any case, if the above steps won’t help, please get assistance from technical experts. They are just one phone call away now.

The fifth step is to Run Intelligent Updater if Live Update has failed.

  • Go to the Intelligent Updater Then download the entire page.
  • This will depend on your version of Windows. To do this, follow these steps.
  • Click the first file in the list under Filename. The file name starts with the year and ends with the year. Secondly, this clicks the first file in the list under Filename. The file name should start with the year and ends with v5i64.exe
  • Now save the file on the Windows desktop.
  • On the desktop, now double-click on the file that you have saved.

Conclusion  Since your Security is critical, you need to update your device regularly. If, for some reason, the computer software fails to update, follow the above steps. Then also the Norton was unable to complete Norton’s antivirus live update. Please check the validity of your plan and repay for the same if it has lost its validity. Simply by restating the computer or your device, some problems or errors may be resolved. Last but not least, regularly check when the latest update was available. Have a safe and secure digital device.

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