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How to Choose the Best Tablets

Author : chromextapp
Publish Date : 2021-02-07 07:38:39
How to Choose the Best Tablets

Whether you want your work done or some entertainment on the go, tablets provide one great advantage: they're portable. Tablets are almost one third the weight of a standard laptop, so the physical strain of carrying a lightweight tablet is far less.

Meanwhile, the typical display size on a tablet is around 7-10 inches, because of that they easily fit into most backpacks, carry bags, or briefcases.

This is the reason tablets are a great asset for students, travellers, commuters, and professionals who have to travel a lot on business.

In this Covid era when everyone is doing work from home and students are taking online classes, the tablet is great as it can get the internet anywhere. That is, as long as you get a 4G tablet. You will not need your laptop around cafes and libraries hunting for free Wi-Fi. Just power up and get online.

This feature makes your tablets particularly handy for professionals. Whether you have to check emails, edit your documents on the cloud or you will keep yourself updated with the latest news in your industry, a tablet can help you get it done easily anywhere.

Here you can check what are the best features you will be getting in the tablet with the range of Rs 10,000. It will help you to decide accordingly which tablet to buy. We are giving you the option of best 7 tablets but there are many other options available. So once you see this buying guide you can at least check and make sure whether the tablets you are looking for will fit your conditions or not.

So let's not waste time and start with the features and the best you can get in this range.



Tablet is the best option you can use in your free time or rather, use it to binge-watch your web series connected to the TV or maybe, scroll through your Facebook.

It's very hectic to always carry your killer laptop machine but you might need a device that’s much bigger than a smartphone. Before you compress your options, you should first consider the primary purpose of obtaining such a machine. For most of the people, it’s extremely lightweight which makes it effortless to carry and is certainly reliable.



Basically tablet screen sizes range from a maximum of 6 inches (on the low end), and up to a gigantic 18.4 inches screen size on the higher end. You can see that a majority of these tablets tend to be within the 7 to 10-inch range.

Tablets which is within a 10-inch range, offer an amazing balance between productivity and portability. The tablets are a bit challenging to use with a single hand but they are created to be both compact and lightweight. 


Operating System

Tablets in a range of 10000 come with an android operating system. When it comes to Android tablets, users have plenty of options to consider and this applies to both hardware and software. 

Also, most of the tablet producers want to personalize Android so that they can provide users with the freedom to customize according to their requirements. Or maybe, even if they want to include some extra features so that they can create a unique value for their tablets and emerge from their rivals



Generally, all tablets are juggled with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and are appreciable enough to be employed in a zone that’s Wi-Fi-enabled.

Also, tablets come with cellular assistance which would allow users to insert in a SIM card and get for a good Internet service package. 



Approx ten years ago from now, the camera wasn’t an important priority for tablet producers. But now you can find the high-resolution cameras in the best 4g tablets under Rs.10,000 only. Things are getting advance and changing which means that the camera is being upgraded and enhanced as well.

If you want to buy a tablet taking good pictures and recording memories, then we advise you to take a model which apply the best camera since tablets are typically a one-time investment only.



Tablets are the best option for those who wanderer and visit a lot and you don't want to carry extra baggage like laptop. 


At last, after some research we have done curated best tablet your your needs.


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