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How important Barcodes are in Retail Business?

- By mansi kapoor
Publish Date : 2021-02-25 07:34:31
How important Barcodes are in Retail Business?

Making a purchase in a store, many caught themselves thinking that the analysis of information assigned to the product and its transfer to the cash register monitor is extremely fast. The implementation of a quick inventory of goods is due to a unique barcode applied to the object of sale.

A barcode is encrypted data placed on the surface of a product. The information is encrypted in the form of black stripes with different widths. Each cipher has its own unique number.

Today we will try to figure out what the need for a barcode is, and where the encrypted number comes from. We will pay special attention to the issues that interest our readers the most. For example, how is the procedure for assigning a graphic code for products, what is the price of the issue and the need for this procedure. You can also buy UPC barcode.

What is a barcode and why we need it

In order to smoothly sell goods within the country and take part in international trade, you need to make a strict accounting of the turnover, which is facilitated by the assignment of an individual number to each position. The resulting number is encoded using a system that converts a numerical value into a the sgraphic image. As a result, we get a picture with a set of graphic elements, officially called a bar code.

Laser treatment

The received encoded information is able to adapt the laser scanner. The sensor can be operated manually, as well as it can be mounted directly into the cash register. The received information is processed and transmitted to a central computer, which analyzes the received data and makes product recognition. The classic version of counting goods involves the process of mandatory inventory and accounting of products in a retail and warehouse space. Assigning a barcode has significant advantages:

  • All basic information about the product is entered correctly and reliably.
  • Data is processed promptly, which significantly saves the time.
  • The possibility of errors and miscalculations during the registration of goods is excluded.

The undoubted advantage of coding is the minimization of product falsification. Several types of bar codes are known today: one-dimensional, linear and two-dimensional. The most common type of barcode is one-dimensional. It looks like a series of vertical lines of different widths and provides a maximum of important information about the product.

The UPC EAN barcode barcode is considered to be more informative, but its use is not always appropriate due to several factors:

  • The barcode conceals a huge amount of information equivalent to three A4 sheets, which may be required only in a special case;
  • A two-dimensional device costs the several times more.

The location of the barcode is acceptable on the back of the package. In addition, the graphic sign is placed on the side, to the right of the lower corner. The bar code is also placed the directly on the label, which will later be printed and glued to the product being produced.


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