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How can you Save the Environment using an Electronic Invoice.

Author : smacc
Publish Date : 2021-08-03 11:18:55
How can you Save the Environment using an Electronic Invoice.


Already much damage has been made to the face of the earth as humankind has been utterly careless and selfish in restoring the natural environment of the earth. Now that pandemic has hit the face of the earth, causing millions of innocent deaths, the time has come for introspection that what has been done wrong lately.

Pandemic and Introspection in the Mid of 2021:

Time has come for the ultimate self-analysis that why humankind is facing such turbulence today in the midst of 2021. Although the middle time of the year 2021 is already known as the post-pandemic time, it is the perfect time to take the necessary actions as per the requirements of the present situation.

What does the Present Situation Suggest?

The present situation suggests that all the businesses are shifting to their online versions exclusively. This means you need to ponder over and deploy new technology like Electronic Invoice in 2021. Especially if you are residing in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, you must know that ZATCA (Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority) has announced the guideline for the implementation of electronic invoicing. Previously GAZT (General Authority of Tax and Zakat) has given a one-year timeline for the e-invoice implementation starting from December 2020 and ending in December 2021. Now in Saudi Arabia utilization of e-invoice in your business is mandatory as per the dire urgent requirements of present circumstances.

Running a Business in Saudi Arabia in 2021:

All the businesses that are running in Saudi Arabia require urgent work by their developers to implement electronic invoicing. 2021 is the year of challenges as every businessman in Saudi Arabia is ready to meet the deadlines declared last year by GAZT.  

How an Electronic Invoice can impact the Environment?

Before the present time, paper invoices have been the common and most useful type of invoices. Billions of papers were wasted after the invoices were printed resulting in mere pollution. Also, you must know how paper is manufactured? What do we sacrifice to make paper? The answer is unpleasant and simple which suggests the sacrifice of lush green trees. The lush green trees are extremely important in the environment of the earth as they provide us with fresh oxygen and controls pollution.

What is the Global Warming Effect?

Due to more and more cutting of trees and industrial activities by humankind, the earth has deteriorated its level of natural climate and results in prolonged heating of the atmosphere. This is termed the global warming effect and today it is a very enormously important topic.

How to Overcome the Global Warming Effect?

The best way to overcome the global warming effect is by letting the trees live longer and by planting more trees for the future in fact in large numbers like forests. Paper consumption has to be controlled in every aspect of life and you should opt for the Go Green mission to save the planet Earth from the destruction and global warming effect. A wise way towards handling this problem is through Electronic Invoice implementation in your business. Not only will it save you from fraudulent activities but also save the earth against the global warming effect.

13 More Benefits of Electronic Invoice:

There is much more to the topic of benefits of e-invoice than just environmental impact. Following are the listed advantages of electronic invoicing:

  1. Fabrication of best relationships between the customers and suppliers.
  2. Time efficiency is important in today’s world so this kind of invoice is fast and efficient.
  3. No chance of any fraudulent activities or third-party intrusions.
  4. Reduced costs due to the elimination of the need for paper and printing services.
  5. Increased business productivity.
  6. Best automation is provided.
  7. ERP software provides an integrated solution to all problems.
  8. Fewer customer complaints or rejected invoices.
  9. Highly accurate system of invoicing.
  10. Easy tracking of invoices.
  11. A higher degree of control and insight into the invoicing metrics.
  12. Very easy to customize
  13. Authentication of e-invoicing is validated.


Since now you know about all the various benefits of Electronic invoices apart from the major perk of saving the planet Earth, you must be urged to implement it in your business right away.


In a short survey on the LinkedIn platform, it was asked that what quality is most important to retain your business. And the answer by the majority was only and the only adaptability. So, if you are adaptable to the new circumstances brought forth by the pandemic you can retain and re-establish your business suffering from the economic crisis.

SMACC Software has always been highly adaptable to every type of circumstance and latest business needs. It believes in the benefits of electronic invoicing so that the customers and suppliers can come on one platform and improve their relationship instantly with the best transparency and zero fraud. You can now deploy SMACC to save your world if you love the planet Mother Earth still in the middle of 2021. Nothing is late when you decide to take action and move in a positive direction from now onwards. Success will surely kiss your feet.

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