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How can I Reset my Epson Printer to Default

Author : tech800n
Publish Date : 2021-05-07 13:52:31
How can I Reset my Epson Printer to Default


Epson is a Japanese electronic company which is best known for printer devices. This company manufactures a wide range of printers with different specifications. Users can get the Epson printer for any printing job. Epson is a robust device and provides good printouts to the users. But the user may face some errors with the Epson printer. As hardware, getting the printer into error is very common. Your Epson printer can get the user into printing issues very often. When the printer shows you an error; the Epson printer won't print. If you are getting the error due to any changes on printer settings the resetting the printer will resolve it.

Reset Epson printer using Control Panel

You can use the control panel of your printer for a factory reset. When you reset the printer, the settings will change to default. Again, the user has to create all the connections with the PC. 

  1. Go to Epson printer 

  2. Click on the Home Menu

  3. Tap on your Control Panel

  4. Now use the arrow buttons and go to the Setup menu

  5. Hit the OK button and then use the arrow buttons to select the Restore Default Settings

  6. Click on the OK button

  7. Now again use the arrow keys and click on the Restore Network Settings option

Choose the OK button and now restart the device. Now your Epson printer is set to the factory settings. Now reconnect the printer device to the commanding system. Open the document and try to take the printout with your Epson device.

Reset Epson device using the Reset button

Epson printer also provides a reset button for reverting the changes. You can use the reset button and the Epson will set as by default settings. Then you can make changes to your Epson according to your requirement.

  1. Turn off the Epson printer

  2. Check the backside of the Epson printer for the Reset button

  3. You have to use a pin for pressing and holding the reset button

  4. Again hit power button of Epson device while holding the printer reset button

  5. You will get a printing warning page

  6. Now release your Reset button

User will get another printout with your default IP address

Check the IP address and you can use it for configuring your Epson printer with the PC. You can reconfigure the Epson printer with the PC and then use the device without any error.

Reset the Epson printer with Epson Adjustment Program

Epson adjustment program is a time taken process regarding other methods. But you can use this solution when the Epson printer buttons are not working. If the buttons are not working on an Epson printer; you can’t use other methods for resetting the printer. Use the Epson adjustment program and reset the Epson device easily.

  1. Open the browser and search for Epson Adjustment Program on the web

  2. Download the setup on your computer (which is connected to Epson printer)

  3. Click on the downloads and run the installation process

  4. Open the adjustment program and hit the Select option button

  5. A list of Epson printer models will appear

  6. Inspect the printer for model number

  7. Choose the model number and port 

  8. Hit the OK button

  9. Adjustment and Maintenance window will appear on the desktop 

  10. Click on the Maintenance tab and choose the Waste ink pad option

  11. Select the initialize button at the bottom right corner

Hit on the Finish button and your Epson printer will restart. Now your printer gets reset and you can connect it to the system and make changes accordingly.

After resetting your printer, check if your printer-related issues get resolved or not. If the Epson is still getting you the same error then inspect the driver on your printer. Epson can show errors while printing if the driver is not working properly. Download the latest Epson printer update and then try to take the printouts.

You can also reinstall the Epson driver software from the internet. Sometimes, your Epson printer error can get fixed by running the antivirus. Viruses sometimes interrupt the printing process on the system. When you scan the computer; viruses get removed and then you can use the Epson printer without any kind of errors.



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