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Get Informed on the Best CSET Practice Test Strategies

Author : charlo
Publish Date : 2021-02-27 06:14:26
Get Informed on the Best CSET Practice Test Strategies

You may have encountered various CSET test strategies in your preparation towards the exam day; however, I highly doubt you will find one that will help you save time like the one I will reveal to you!
Oftentimes, it's not the lack of knowledge that ends up your drawback during the exam, but the lack of time. If you have put yourself through many timed CSET practice test sessions, you will know how much stress it can put you under, as the questions seem too many, but the time too little! Don't fret though, I will teach you a very clever strategy to manage your time well, and ultimately give you enough time for the entire exam paper.

The Best Time Management Strategy You Will Ever Learn For Your CSET Practice

Many test takers make the major mistake of pondering and cracking their heads over questions they may not even answer, and this is what causes their failure, as they then don't have time to answer the ones they easily could have tackled. The examination board has purposely set the paper in such a way that many people fall for this trap, and eventually lose most of the precious time they have. However, this need not and definitely should not happen to you. Let me guide you in the art of exam time management. It is easy to understand and best of all, easy to do!

Here's the "blueprint" of what you are supposed to do in your CSET practice and also the real exam:

• Firstly, tackle all the questions that you know you easily can answer. If you see a question you are quite sure you will have a really hard time on, place a large minus sign next to it and move on. If by any chance the question you encounter seems answerable but will take more than a minute, place a large plus sign next to it, and again move on. All the other questions, answer immediately. Don't worry that this will break rules, it won't. You are allowed to write on your test paper as long as it isn't on the answer areas.



• Once you are done with the easy questions, answer the ones that have the plus sign next to it, made by you earlier. However, time yourself and be sure not to go beyond a minute and a half per question. This is to ensure you can answer all possible questions in the CSET practice and still have time for looking through your paper for errors (rechecking) again.

• Done with the plus sign questions? If you still have ample time, you can try answering the questions with the minus sign beside it. However if you feel that you really can't come up with an answer, then just mark any answer, since the CSET does not apply negative marking in the marking scheme (which means you can be wrong and they will not minus anything from your cumulative marks). After that, recheck your answers thoroughly as many times as you want.

And that's all there is to it! This strategy will help increase your confidence in doing CSET practice tests, quickens your test-taking time, and allows you to single out difficult questions so you won't be wasting time on them. Use it during every CSET practice test session and watch yourself get better with each test. By the time the real exam day comes, you'll be smiling away while tackling your exam paper while others around you hold their heads in frustration.

However, do remember to do as many CSET practice tests as you can, to totally familiarize yourself with both the strategy and the questions that you may encounter. Also, do some research or invest in a strategy guide to find out about other strategies that will help you tackle this exam with the best results. Being a teacher in California is not a far-fetched dream if you successfully pass the CSET exam, and I'm sure you can do it with this and other strategies, as well as lots of practice. I have faith in you, all the best!

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