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Fun Facts About Smartphones

Author : johnpeter1435
Publish Date : 2021-03-18 09:22:13
Fun Facts About Smartphones

Today, we will present an incredible list of statistics for your smartphone. You have found that most analysts report the same old statistics as you looked for other smart-phone statistics. Most of the users use smartphones without even knowing the model details and specifications. Here are some amazing statistics and facts about smartphones. 

  1. The first cell phone call was made in 1973 by Martin Cooper. 

  2. In the history of electrical devices, Nokia 1100 was the only product. More than 250 million cell phones have been sold. 

  3. Designed the first cell phone in 1983, it cost 2.5 lakhs of US dollars in the USA. 90% of people in Japan use waterproof smartphones. 

  4. 90% of mobile users have their devices at hand still. 

  5. The smartphone has more than 18% of bacteria in the bathroom which is dangerous to health by using the smartphone. 

  6. You might feel a little strange, but that's right, 3.5 trillion people are not making toothbrushes. 

  7. 142,000 pounds with the biggest bill for a cell phone and Keron Alos was her name. 9. The operating system of mobile users today is still impressed with the computer's   computer system Apollo 11. 

  8. The smartphone's biggest manufacturer of smartphones means that about 340,000 iPhones were sold per day, and the figure was around 440 million iPhones every quarter of the year 2012. 

  9. Bellsouth Cellular developed in 1983 as the world's first portable smartphone. The handset was called "Simon". 

  10. Sonim XP3300 is the world's most powerful phone, but there is no damage when this phone is lowered by 84 feet above sea level. This phone's name is also included in the World Records Guinness Book. 

  11. Experts claim that a condition like nomophobia, telephony, and the ring gate are more common applications of smartphones. 

  12. Per year, over a million smartphones, fell into the toilet by mistake in the United Kingdom. 

  13. Within 3 minutes of submitting 90 percent of world messages were read. 16. Zanco tiny t1 is the world's tiniest telephone. 

  14. Most people secure the handset using a pin code. Although there is no locking feature for 28 percent of people. 

  15. More than 40% of gamers prefer to play games on their smartphones like Honor 20 Pro due to convenience. 

  16. Regardless of whether it is watching Netflix or surfing Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, etc, all other types of media remain unaffected. At the heart of all is smartphones.

  17. In Saudi Arabia, there are projected to be 36 million Smartphone users by the year 2025. Honor Saudi is expected to share a great deal in the market. 

  18. Web on a handheld computer is visited by 67% of Internet users worldwide. Desktop machines are 33 percent further away. Is that the start of a machine’s end? On the rise, maybe desktop computers are becoming obsolete for personal use through smartphones, AIs and IoT. 

  19. We invest 90% of advertising attention on smartphone applications and 10% on the mobile platform. To be aware that almost every mobile website has an app, we do not need smartphone statistics. We spend more time on the Web via apps even if we exclude sports, social media, etc.

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