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For more information about the police exam check

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Publish Date : 2021-02-22 08:37:14
For more information about the police exam check

You're Only One Good Test Performance Away From a Career in Law Enforcement

There are plenty of people who apply for law enforcement jobs every year. This field is very competitive and in order to rise to the top you need to know everything you can about the position you're applying for. The selection process that is in place to find the best candidates gets more stringent each year as departments look for the very best in the sea of potentials.

Preparing is a Must

If you want to become a police officer you will have to pass some very difficult exams. Passing the exams doesn't guarantee you a job, but you can't even hope for one without passing. The harshest thing about these tests is that the most intelligent and qualified people are not always the ones who get hired.

The people who present themselves the best are frequently the ones who get hired. This can often mean a candidate with a good level of confidence and enthusiasm at the oral test could potentially beat someone with a higher score on a written exam to the job.

So to make sure that you are one of the few who passes the exams and gets the police jobs, you need to prepare. Studying for the written exam is a good start, but you can also give yourself an edge by studying for the oral exam too.

The Two Types of Exams

To become a police officer there are two types of exams that you have to pass. The first is a written exam. This test has a lot of questions that deal with problem-solving skills along with comprehension and information retention. If you don't pass this test, you will not be able to move onto the oral exam.

One of the biggest complaints people seem to have with this portion of the exams is that the actual test was far harder than the sample tests they took to prepare for it. The real exam often has various sketches of "criminals" that you have to compare to others, and many other types of questions that are difficult to recreate easily in a practice book. So you need to make sure you are getting adequate materials that will help you prepare for the questions in the exams.

The oral exams are the second step in the exam process for law enforcement jobs, and in this step you go before an oral board to answer a series of questions. You have to be able to articulate things like why you are interested in law enforcement jobs, and what you would do if faced with certain situations.


What this part of the exam does is to see if you can answer questions quickly, without having time to think about them or prepare for them like you do with a written exam. Most of the questions you will be asked have to do with common sense. In order to pass this evaluation you need study materials that will help you to think like a police officer.

Put Your Heart and Soul Into It

The people who get the police jobs they want are the ones who devote themselves to the process 100%. You need to be willing to do everything you need to in order to pass your exams, both written and oral, with flying colors. Those who take every step they can and explore every avenue available to them are the most likely to have the law enforcement jobs they want open to them.

For more information about the police exam check out the Police Exam Digital Manual found at  which offers you police exam strategies & practice tests.

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