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Five Key Steps Toward Excellent Search Engine Optimization

- By ambitiousnz
Publish Date : 2021-03-12 10:15:07
Five Key Steps Toward Excellent Search Engine Optimization

Why Bother With SEO?

Optimising your website for search engines is a cost-effective way to reach customers who will find it valuable. Rather than paying for each website click via ads, good SEO allows the content to be organically

presented to a potential visitor, on its own merits, as a high ranking search result.

While many people use social media for entertainment and networking, very few trust it when making purchase decisions. Instead, they will use their chosen search engine to find information on a product, review prices

and make a purchase – this necessitates a focus on making sure your product is the first one they see.

So, how can you make sure your site in the top spot when the time comes? Ambitious is here to help, with five ways we help our clients achieve outstanding SEO rankings.

#1 Investing in Professional Content

The goal of content creation should be to entertain, inform, or otherwise provide value to your customers – professional content will ensure you stand out above your competitors. A website needs to be updated regularly with new material to stay relevant, as search engines reward sites that are content rich. New content can include articles, blog posts, videos and infographics.

#2 Cultivating Authority

Consumers trust authority, and achieving a high search result ranking is a clear signal that a website is trustworthy and authoritative. Furthermore, as discussed in the article Seven Steps to Outstanding Web Design 94% of customers are likely to judge whether your site is trustworthy or not based on its design. Search engines know this and are more likely to give authority to sites that are user-friendly, with well thought-out formatting and architecture.

#3 Finding Your Niche

Trying to solve every solution to every problem is too large a task for any business. Instead, narrowing down the issue that your brand intends to service and focusing on quality solutions is a more effective way to provide

value to your website visitors. When creating content for your site, it is best to focus on subjects that are niche, but with mainstream appeal (for example, an article entitled ‘The best heater to buy if you have kids’). This ensures a higher chance that the content will be valuable, relevant and yet unique.

#4 Focusing on Quality

The only way for a site to truly achieve organic and long-term success in search engine rankings is to provide better content than any of the competition. Text is important – the standard of copywriting can make or break a site’s SEO. Search engines do not reward sites for having repetitive use of words and their synonyms – rather, careful placement of keywords is rewarded. For example, a page’s keyword should be included in the headline (H1) and the first 100 words of the body text. The sub-headline (H2) should then be relevant to the keyword topic, without mentioning the keyword itself.

#5 Knowing Your Keywords

Careful placement of words relevant to the website’s topic is essential for a search engine to determine whether or not to present it as the solution to someone’s query. When writing about your brand and your products,

using an effective keyword footprint helps search engines recognise the topic being covered. A keyword footprint is the use of words relevant to the topic’s keyword, to signal the category under which the content should be placed – for example, a good footprint for the keyword ‘fishing pole’ would include words such as ‘fly rods’, ‘lures’, ‘river fishing rods’ and so on.


SEO will always be an ongoing process in an evolving space – while this means constant adjustment and adaptation, it also means there are always new opportunities arising for those businesses willing to exploit them. Ambitious keeps the above points at the forefront of our SEO Wellington services when writing content and designing for your website. No matter what your business does, we have a service package for you. We’ll make all the difference in helping your customers find your company every time they go searching.

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