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Publish Date : 2021-03-09 05:41:05

In this modern time, the technology makes an incredible change in our lives. People want to make their lives easy with the use of technology. Here we are talking about a smartwatch for women. In short, you use your wrist as your phone.

The smartwatches are now not used for checking time but these smartwatches are working as mini phones. Now females are taking more interest in smartwatches because these smartwatches help them in many ways.

A smartwatch for women is preferred to be smaller in size and have good design. The question that arises is what are the features that a smartwatch of women has?   

Effective Health Tracking

Now smartwatches have the ability To tracks your health. They monitor your heart rate, blood level, sleep timings, depression, and much more.

Now the question arises is what woman wants more in any gadget that is providing all basic health measures.  A smartwatch for women tells you the accurate time of your exercise and workout result which is very reliable for the woman who is working and taking care of their families at the same time. It also tells you that you are doing well or you might need any improvement.  

Handy Companion  

A smartwatch doesn’t replace your phone but at the same time, it offers many features like your smartphones. So no matter if you are walking alone at night just use your smartwatch instead of using your phone for safety measures.   

Battery Connectivity Options 

If you are a mum and a working woman both at the same time, so it is good to have a smartwatch. Like if you are in a meeting and suddenly your phone starts ringing not a good impression to leave and at the same time if a notification appears on your wrist and nobody even knows so it’s quite good.  

All In One 

All in one means a smartwatch is offering all the basic functions that a person wants to like: it checks your stress level, monitors heart health, or tracks sleep. So what a woman wants more when she is having all the basic precautions from a smartwatch.   


HONOR launched two of its smartwatches in the last year 2020; The HONOR WATCH GS PRO and The HONOR Watch ES. It is the company's first rugged smartwatch. The watch weighs 45.5 grams and is water-resistant up to 5ATM. It provides 25 days of battery life and you can also store up to 500 songs. Keeping given the toughest environment and extreme conditions there are many new fitness tracking modes designed in it.   

Round Screen Display 

HONOR Watch GS Pro has a 1.39 inches round screen Display. It has a resolution of 454×454 pixels. Without straps, the watch weight is 45.5 grams. its touchscreen is easy to use. Another cool feature is that you can use your pet, your loved ones, or your photos to your screen wallpaper of your smartwatch.  


HONOR Watch GS Pro consists of a large body. It has two straps and you can easily loose or tight these straps. Its height and width are 48mm. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters. It is made up of stainless steel bezel around the screen. 


Fitness is maybe the main reason for loving smartwatches. There are plenty of fitness features that the smartwatch offers. HONOR WATCH GS PRO has 100 fitness tracking modes. It has features like calories, distance duration which tells you how much you walk or run and for your outdoor activities. It has a trial run, a mountain hike, etc.  

GPS Navigator  

HONOR WATCH GS PRO enables you to search your required location using GPS. It helps you to track your way even the road is less traveled. 

Battery Life 

HONOR Watch GS Pro has impressive battery timings. Its charging is VIA through a Proprietary pad. Its long battery is enough to Hit for three weeks. 

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