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Common Website Glitches and Their Impact on User Experience

Author : netashaadams
Publish Date : 2021-06-11 09:45:50
Common Website Glitches and Their Impact on User Experience

The short faults in the websites, often called glitches, can ruin the users' experience and motivate them not to visit the site again. The modern generation has shifted to online shopping. The website glitches can slow down or halt their shopping and earn negative points. According to Neil Patel, 40% of the users leave the website, which takes more than three seconds to load.

The UAE is the business hub of the Middle East. Having a business website and managing it is a basic need of every business. Several international setups in the region depend on managing their affairs through websites, thus cannot afford any risk. Such setups hire website maintenance services in Dubai to tackle their glitches and ensure the quality experience of their users.

This article will provide all the basic guidelines about the common types of website glitches and their impact on users' experience.

Top 3 Website Glitches and Their Impact on User Experience

Different types of faults can occur on any website and halt the companies' information delivery or order processing. WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook often face glitches that hinder the users from running the applications. It adds to the frustration of the users, as well as the losses of the companies.

The following are some of the common types of website glitches and how they impact the user experience.

Continuous Buffering

The slow loading of the website contents gives a mark of continuous buffering to the users. When a user visits a website, he/she expects it to load in two seconds. However, when the website takes more time, the user starts to get bored and irritated.

Using a shared server instead of a dedicated server is the major cause of this issue. It can be resolved by using a dedicated server.

Broken Links

Broken links are one of the most common website glitches. When a user clicks on some option on the website and lands on the error page, instead of viewing the particular information, it is caused due to the broken link. The broken links depict the unprofessionalism of the website owners.

The users stop visiting the sites which face this issue frequently. Regular maintenance is the only solution to this issue.

General Downtime

General downtime is considered the worst type of website glitch, which can also cause millions of losses to any business. The downtime means that the users cannot access the site and do whatever they want on it. It is specifically applicable to ecommerce and retail sites.

The increased traffic can become an important source of causing this issue if the website is not maintained properly. On its 2018 prime day, Amazon suffered a loss of around ninety-nine million dollars due to downtime of one hour. The issue can be resolved by constant technical support.

Wondering why there are fewer users on your website?

Well, it may be because your website is facing frequent glitches. You are not done with your responsibility after creating or getting a business website. If you want to ensure the success of your business, constant maintenance of the website is crucial.

For that purpose, you can hire a website maintenance company and ensure to remove the glitches within a few minutes or hours of their occurrence. You can also improve the visual facelift of your website, which will attract more and more visitors and contribute to the success of your business. So, consult the experts now to avoid facing more losses.

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