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Cancel your application subscription and get back refund

- By techsquad2
Publish Date : 2021-05-04 11:38:45
Cancel your application subscription and get back refund

Today, we use lots of applications on the system. Some of the programs are free whereas some are paid. Many software also has yearly and monthly plans. You can install the program and then subscribe to it whenever you require. Some of those programs like antivirus have the auto-renewal feature. The license of your program will get renewed before the expiry automatically. If you don’t need renewal then you can disable the auto-renewal feature. But, if the application gets renewed then you can cancel it and ask for the Norton auto renewal refund easily. You can renew it whenever you require.


Canceling the subscription and asking for the refund


Many times, users purchased the plan but didn’t like it. If you cancel the subscription immediately then you can contact the team for a refund. Before canceling your subscription; the user should check all the policies. Every software has its refund policies. Some programs don’t have refund policies. You can go to the web and check the official site of the program for a refund policy. If you plan under the refund policy then you can easily cancel it.

  1. Open the account page
  2. Type the login address and password
  3. Go to your subscription window
  4. Tap on the plan and then hit the Cancel button

You will also get the confirmation wizard on your screen. Click on the Confirm button and now the subscription will get canceled. Now contact the application contact team and ask for your refund. The technical team may take some time in inspecting and confirm and then provide your refund.


How to cancel the auto-renewal?


If you have purchased a yearly or monthly paid program then it may have the auto-renewal feature. Sometimes the user forgets to renew the plan and it gets expired. But when he is using the auto-renewal feature; the license will get renewed. If you don’t want your plan to expire then you can enable the auto-renewal feature. But sometimes, users don't want to continue the service. You can cancel the auto-renewal subscription. But the user should cancel it before the expiry date otherwise your license will get renewed and payment will appear on your banking account.

  1. Go to your application
  2. Tap on the subscription window
  3. Click on the license
  4. Go to your auto-renewal tab
  5. Toggle the switch to disable
  6. Go to the confirmation tab and click on the Yes button


Again go to the subscription page. Now you will get the product expiry date. Now the user can use the program until the license is active. If the user doesn't need the application ever then he can uninstall it from your system. Go to your programs page and select the application. Hit on the uninstall option and clear the files.  If you need the program later then you can install it easily. Users don’t need to create a new account; they can directly log in his previous account and then renew the plan. He has to open the subscription page and then click on the Renew button. Type the billing details and then the plan will get renewed.


Cancel your auto-renewed license and ask for a refund


When the user forgets to cancel the subscription and his plan gets auto-renewed then he can seek a refund. When the auto-renewal occurs before the license expiry; users can easily ask for a refund. You have to cancel the renewed plan from the subscription window.

  • Open your application account
  • Check the subscription page
  • Tap on the auto-renewed plan
  • Click on cancel the subscription
  • You will get the renewal cancellation confirmation wizard


Go to the Yes button and your auto-renewed plan will get canceled. Now you have to ask the technical team for your refund. You may also receive a mail regarding the license cancellation and refund. Now the user can access his plan until the current license expires. When the plan expires; you can remove it or can renew it manually. If the program doesn’t have auto-renewal features and you don’t want the plan to expire then you can renew your application before the expiry. The remaining days on the previous application plan will get added to your new renewal plan.

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