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Benefits of using fingerprint scanner device

Author : mujib
Publish Date : 2021-04-14 17:21:58
Benefits of using fingerprint scanner device

Fingerprint recognition system has become one of the most widely used systems for identifying people. The fingerprint identification system is one of the most comprehensive existing today, and each is being introduced more into our daily lives.

A fingerprint reader or scanner establishes identity by comparing a user's fingerprint to one or more previously created digital files called templates, which contain information unique to an individual's fingerprint. Each model represents a unique fingerprint. The software that runs the scanner/reader uses the matrix against an actual fingerprint image to compare all stored patterns to an individual's fingerprint requesting identification. If a match is produced, the user is verified.

In recent years, fingerprint biometrics has been so deeply involved in society that it is normal for us to see in some facilities the use of fingerprint detectors for human access. Even laptop computers introduce fingerprint sensors for login by the previously registered user.

What is a fingerprint scanner device?

The fingerprint scanner device is a biometric sensor that facilitates people's identification based on the verification of fingerprints. This device creates a three-dimensional image with each fingerprint's characteristics to later store the information and associate it with the data of the registered user.

After this action, each time the reader is used, it quickly scans the fingerprint. It encodes the captured image to make a comparative analysis, which allows validating the individual's authenticity.

The Fingerprint scanner device has devised from a fingerprint system that revolutionized the world of criminology at the end of the 19th century. It has become a fundamental tool for developing any company or organization, regardless of its size or commercial activity.

How Fingerprint Identification Works

Fingerprints are essentially ridges and lines present at the end of the fingertips. They allow users to have a grip between their fingers and the object when holding it. In this way, it is possible to grasp things better and prevent them from falling out of your hands. Each individual has a unique fingerprint, and it is improbable that two people will possess the same fingerprint pattern. This feature is what makes fingerprints the preferred option for biometric security on smartphones.

Companies can collect fingerprints in many ways. In general, a finger is placed on a sensor that can, detect differences in the electric field of different parts of the finger and draw a single image of the roughness. A camera can also be used to take a photo or emit ultrasonic waves and detect how they are reflected by the finger's surface, allowing associated software to create a 3D map of the finger. As you can see, there are sevaral different ways.

The whole process involves two steps to authenticate fingerprints in the device:

  • Enrollment: This is the initial step in the process and affects users registering their preferred fingerprint, which would be used to authenticate them on the device. The process essentially includes scanning, analyzing, and storing the fingerprints in encrypted form in a secure database for future reference.
  • Verification: When you put your finger on a sensor to confirm your identity, the fingerprint is collected again and compared to the database's images. If several specific lines and patterns in the database image identified by your Name matches (or nearly matches) the image that the scanner has generated, your identity is confirmed.

Types of biometric fingerprint readers

The method for capturing fingerprint data depends on the type of scanner you are using:

  • Optical Sensor: These types of scanners make a photocopy of the finger. Many people also light up their fingers to provide clear line contrast, as a light-sensitive scanner (usually an image sensor or light-sensitive microchip) records information to create a digital image. Many computer fingerprint scanners use optical sensors.
  • Capacitive Sensor: Scanners use electricity instead of light to detect fingerprint patterns. When the finger rests on the touch surface, the device measures the charge; the ridges show a change in capacity, while the valleys remain virtually unchanged. The sensor uses all of this data to print your prints accurately. Most smartphones with fingerprint scanners use capacitive sensors.
  • Ultrasonic Sensor: Like bats and dolphins use echo-locating to find and identify objects, ultrasound scanners work through sound waves. The device is designed to send ultrasonic pulses and measure the number of bounces back. Ridges and valleys of a finger pattern reflect sound differently, namely, as ultrasonic scanners can create a detailed 3 D -card fingerprint. Ultrasonic sensors are currently being prototyped (e.g. Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. ) and tested for mobile devices.

Advantages of a fingerprint reader

The fingerprint reader system is considered today as one of the best biometric methods, one that bases recognition through a personal characteristic -in this case, the fingerprint- that can be verified in an automated way and instant.

Privacy: A pin is replicable—a password, decryptable. A footprint is more difficult to imitate. With it, we not only access our terminal. We can also protect access to applications or files with greater security.

Quickly: Different functions can be assigned to as many fingerprints. This process implies more incredible speed in opening applications or confirming passwords.

Secure payment: Faster and safer than entering a password is confirming payments using your fingerprint.

Easy to use: This device prevents evading attendance control due to forgetting passwords, dialling errors, and losing cards. Fingerprint capture and encoding are accomplished by resting your finger on the reader, making the method less intimidating and quick to execute.

Accuracy and safety: When we use a fingerprint scanner device in our company, we can know who is visiting us and detect any phishing attempts. This is because fingerprints are unique and irreplaceable, and the system is very accurate in its analysis.


Establishing a person's identity using fingerprint scanning is the cheapest, fastest, most reliable, and convenient method. The cost of installing a biometric fingerprint scanner device is meagre compared to other security measures. Fingerprint scanner devices allow for quick identification and verification processes. If a fingerprint reader is lost or stolen, there is no security threat because the stored image templates are useless to anyone. Fingerprint readers are also portable.

Since fingerprint identification technology is far beyond the research and development stage, it is more widely available than other identification technologies. Still, some suggest that the same technology used to store fingerprints as statistical algorithms can also be used or modified to create accurate representations of the original prints. This has created some concern about how data should be stored, maintained, and protected to prevent fraudulent use.

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