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A/B testing is an effective technique to improve your digital marketing strategies and efforts. The test compares two variants of the same website to check how the user reacts and experiences them. Websites and applications are the digital platforms connecting businesses and with customers too. The users identify and interact with you, buy products and obtain useful solutions to their concerns through your website. Therefore, providing a great user experience is a must to manage sales returns.

Reviewing and analyzing the elements of your website will improve the SEO ranking. You can use A/B testing to test a particular part of the entire website to make specific promotional changes. It provides accurate statistical results that reveal the experience of users against each component and changes. The comparison of features like the CTA, layout, colors, texts, etc; have a remarkable impact on the user. The presumptions made while designing the website may or may not work out but A/B testing before making the website live is better.


To arrive at the best suitable solution for marketing your brand you need a step-by-step plan. Testing one feature at a time will be wise as the results can be correlated with the action of the users. Designing ad campaigns and testing them before publishing can be useful in improving the ROIs. Choose the specific parts such as the headline or a phrase on the CTA and perform A/B testing on each separately.

Performing the A/B test

Create two variations of the elements or the landing pages that you aim to use as a marketing tool. For instance, PPC ads, promotional Emails, or an image can be tested by presenting two variations of the same content. The users are not aware of any details on the test; as they see it like any other website on the SERPs. You have to decide on the segment of users who will view the contents. Then check which style and arrangement of website elements generate maximum conversions. The same changes will not work at all times as the marketing trends keep changing.

A/B testing can be applied to two different marketing aspects that contribute to spiking up the CTR of your website. Digital marketing includes web design and promotional assets other than the website. While a good web design and quality content will enhance SEO, the paid advertising on google ads and other PPC ads can earn you a higher return. The test results help you analyze the user's intent and preferences before spending a large amount on online marketing and paid ads. Hire a Digital marketing company with experience in a different type of industry to perform the test effectively.

A/B testing can be applied to any of the elements and hypotheses can be carried out. To get accurate results you need to give valid input such as a suitable sample size, one feature at a time, objectives, etc. it is a statistical hypothesis involving an independent variable and a dependent variable. If you want to test the sign-up form on your website then, create two copies of it with different CTA phrases. Check which one grabs the attention of the users and motivates them to click on the CTA button. After the analysis, you can apply the best version to optimize conversion.

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