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Strengthen, Philadelphia 76ers Recruit Anthony Tolliver

Author : janawhitfield045
Publish Date : 2021-04-12 15:34:54
Strengthen, Philadelphia 76ers Recruit Anthony Tolliver

Philadelphia 76ers brought Anthony Tolliver to add to their strength this season. Tolliver was awarded a 10 day contract to prove his capacity again in the NBA.
The Philadelphia 76ers themselves really need the presence of senior players who can add to their current strength. Of the many veteran players on the free market, the choice of team management fell to Anthony Tolliver. Tolliver is still considered to have good individual abilities, especially in terms of shooting three points.

Finally, Tolliver played for the Memphis Grizzlies in the 2020 season. Considering that it is 35 years old and its statistical figures have declined, Tolliver has no interest in the free market. He then became unemployed at the beginning

the 2021 season before finally getting a 10-day contract from the 76ers.
With this opportunity, Tolliver will have to take advantage of the short contract to prove himself. The 10-day contract itself can only be given a maximum of 2 times to the same player. When it has been given twice, team management is required to make a decision. Do they want to continue working with the players, or even let them go back to being a free agent.
This 76ers move makes sense enough to strengthen the team before the playoffs begin. The competition map itself is getting tougher after the big teams have started to increase their strength as well. Before the 76ers, the Brooklyn Nets had already brought in Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge. The Los Angeles Lakers also successfully hooked up Andre Drummond and Ben McLemore.


Celtics Stop Nuggets Winning Streak With Gordon

Initially, two mainstay players of the Celtics, namely Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, were doubted to appear. Tatum is sick, while Brown has a problem with his knee. In fact, it was the two players who became the stars in this match.

Tatum took the lead with 28 points and 9 rebounds. Brown also played brilliantly by packing 20 points and 8 rebounds. Stevens did not expect this victory.
"We just need something to get us going. You know, I think we almost went the other way while leading 76-62," said Stevens after his Celtics won for the fifth time in six games, as reported by ESPN. The Nuggets looked very sluggish after the break. Shot accuracy decreased, then in defense, they let the Celtics do layups with ease. Jokic scored a double with 17 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds. But he was withdrawn from the game with four minutes remaining, after the Nuggets trailed 82-96. Michael Porter Jr. led the Nuggets' points with 22 points and 11 rebounds, although his accuracy was not very good. Porter only had 9 out of 23 attempted shots, and only scored one tripoin out of 12 attempts. On the plus side, this is just Nuggest's fourth defeat since February 27, 2021. They are still fourth in the Western Conference standings with a match record of 34-19. Next, Boston will travel to the Portland Trail Blazers headquarters. Meanwhile the Nuggets are now on their way to the Chase Center, to compete against the Golden State Warriors, tomorrow night, local time

# Ben McLemore Feel Positive Aura with the Los Angeles Lakers

NBA Basketball News: Ben McLemore hasn't finished his week as a Los Angeles Lakers player. However, he already feels comfortable with the new environment in the team.
Ben McLemore has just had his second match against the Brooklyn Nets, Saturday (10/4) local time. In that match, McLemore successfully scored 5 three-point shots and earned a total of 17 points. After the match, he was happy because the adaptation process he needed was not much. All the players were very helpful and welcomed him with open arms.

"Togetherness, all the players in this team help each other. Communication, chemistry, everything is going very well. I have only played with this team twice, but have been able to form solid chemistry. We had a tremendous victory against the Nets just now. , "said McLemore when interviewed by local media.

# Aleksandar Stefanovski Praises Bali United's hard work at IBL 2021
Bali United head coach Aleksandar Stefanovski gave thumbs up to his players who worked hard during the IBL 2021. Despite failing to make it to the playoffs, their game was deemed good enough.
As a new team, Bali United does not have sufficient preparation to welcome the IBL 2021 performance. The problem was even more complicated after the star player who was brought in, Daniel Wenas, suffered a knee injury. Wenas was forced to miss the regular season because of a serious injury. Having struggled until the last matches, Bali had to give up Satria Muda Pertamina so that they buried their dream of qualifying for the playoffs.

This result did make the players sad, but Aleksandar Stefanovski has a different view. The appearance of his foster children is considered good enough given the inadequate preparations.
"I am proud of the players, they have given everything in the regular season 2021. This team also has a very professional organization," said Aleksandar when interviewed by local media.
Aleksandar himself did not regret the events that had passed. Even if he qualifies, he does not guarantee that Daniel Wenas can recover and strengthen the team on time.

"Daniel Wenas is an important player for the team, he is very experienced. But, even if Bali United qualifies for the playoffs, I don't know if we can play him. His injury is quite complicated," said the man from Macedonia.

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Aleksandar Stefanovski Praises Bali Uniteds hard work at IBL 2021

Aleksandar Stefanovski Praises Bali Uniteds hard work at IBL 2021

- Bali United head coach Aleksandar Stefanovski gave thumbs up to his players who worked hard during the IBL 2021. Despite failing

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