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What is the Role of Seroma in Gynecomastia?

- By rogersingh
Publish Date : 2021-04-30 12:35:44
What is the Role of Seroma in Gynecomastia?

Massive collection of fluid at the area of Gynecomastia surgery is called a seroma. This fluid is watery in nature. These are commonly associated with Gynecomastia surgery. These are formed usually after the surgery and most of the time recede on their own. However, sometimes they stay on and develop a post-surgical complication. 
Gynecomastia surgery is performed to remove the breast tissues​ in males usually developed after puberty.
Among the people suffering from Gynecomastia post-surgical complications​, this is the most common complication. This problem is very common after a Gynecomastia surgery. The causes of seroma formation are not known properly. 

A seroma looks like swelling or inflammation in the chest region. It feels​ like a fluid accumulation and the person can feel it.

The size of the seroma may vary greatly, from the size of a peanut to the size of a balloon, this varies largely. 

These do not usually cause any pain and may cause tenderness. What happens after a Gynecomastia surgery is that once the tissues are removed, a cavity or an empty space is created in that place. The body somehow tries to fill that space with the help of watery fluid. 

This fluid is extracted with the help of drains, leaving the empty space. These can be recurrent. 

What's worrying here is that a seroma may impact the healing process of the surgery. This can ultimately lead to some serious complications after the surgery. These can hamper the healing process in a very wide manner. Some of the major complications include inflammation or swelling, hardening of the tissues, this hardening leads to the formation of scars, hard tissues, and folds. The formation of this mass may be attributed as recurrent. This means that the formation of seroma can happen again and again. If a plastic surgeon is considered then the formation of seroma is very common and not at all harmful. This even recedes on its own. Also if a good plastic surgeon with great experience is considered then the process can be less complicated and the results will also be fine. 

One thing to consider here is that drinking water is linked to the healing process, but here it may result in the formation of seroma as it is the accumulation of watery fluid. This can also pose a serious risk for the development of seroma. 

Seroma can be removed with the help of aspiration technology using a needle that extracts the fluid from the area of seroma formation. For recurrent seroma, several factors are to be considered. Older seroma is treated with the help of the excision process. 

Seroma formation is very natural post-surgery and recedes on its own too. Sometimes, it does stay for a very long time and this hampers the process of healing the surgical procedure done on the patient.

The Gynecomastia surgery in Delhi cost is an important surgery. Gynecomastia is an enlargement of breast tissues. This is caused by the imbalance in the male and the female hormones in the body. The risks of developing seroma can be subsided if you consult a well-experienced plastic surgeon only. The expertise always speaks and it makes the surgeon stand out differently than the others.

Males' bodies produce a hormone called testosterone, which affects their sexual growth during puberty. But males also produce some amount of estrogen, a hormone that ensures female sexual growth and development. So, if by any chance there is a lower​ count of testosterone or comparatively higher count of estrogen, then the problem of Gynecomastia develops.

Causes of low testosterone levels

The main cause of Gynecomastia is low levels​ of testosterone. However, low testosterone can be caused by Various underlying issues such as-
Damage in the cells of the testes (male sex organ) that produce testosterone
Any accident resulting in dysfunctional testes
Inflammation (swelling) in the testes
Cancer of testes
Diseases that affect parts of the brain, such as the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland which are responsible for secreting and regulating the hormones.
High estrogen levels
Intake of steroids
Abnormal weight gain

Where can I get Gynecomastia surgery done in Gurgaon & Delhi?

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