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Tips to get the most from your Body Shapers

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Publish Date : 2022-01-25 07:37:38
Tips to get the most from your Body Shapers

Well, shapewear is a wonderful thing. It secretly, unnoticeably slims down your body, brings you in the perfect body shape, smoothens your curves, and gives you a flawless figure. However, if you don’t choose the right one, it may make you feel uncomfortable. How do you get the most from your body shapers?

1. Always pick the right style

If you check out an online shapewear website, you will find hundreds of different styles. However, you don’t have to panic. Breathe deeply, think about your body shape and then decide the type of shapewear you want.

Think about the flaws you have. If you have a slim waist but bustier boots, then a full bodysuit will not be able to do justice with you. Look for open-bust bodysuits that allow you to use your bra.

If you have heavy hips but a small midsection, you don’t need high-waist body shapers. You should look for shapewear slips to help you get the ideal figure. If you want to wear a skirt, go for shapewear briefs or knicker style shapewear.

Use best shapewear bodysuits only if you need help all over, for instance, belly bulge, bustier breasts, and wide midsection.

2. Choose the appropriate size

It is advisable to always check the size chart on the website before ordering a full body compression garment. The garments listed on the website may have different sizing and may not match your current size.

Rather than choosing the wrong size and returning, it is suggested to measure your body and then match it with the size chart and then place your order. Also, make sure you don’t choose a size smaller. Always go for a size larger if your size comes somewhere in between.

3. Get it on properly

Whatever it is, never wear shapewear after coming out of a shower. Allow your body to cool down and dry and then wear it. Putting on shapewear on a weight body will give you a horrifying experience.

Take time to break into it. There is a tactic to wear a particular compression garment, be it bodysuit, waist trainer, or camisole, and make sure you follow it.

4. Prevent them from rolling down

The high-waist shapewear is the best of all, but women often experience the problem of rolling down over time. Hence, make sure you choose high-quality high-waist shapewear. Also, check if they feature slip strips to grip your skin.

You can also tuck your shapewear under your bra to hold it in place. It enhances the smoothness and gives you a better look. High-quality shapewear holds it firmly in place and doesn’t slip down.

5. Get rid of the cling

Shapewear usually doesn’t cling to clothes. However, some people are more susceptible to static power. It may devastate the look of your dress.

Hence, you should use a tumble drier sheet and rub it on the shapewear and your dress inside. It will remove all the static electricity and prevent your dress from hanging.

So, take good care of your shapewear and it will keep yielding magical results.


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