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Tips On Keeping Your Kitchen Safe And Clean

Author : ameliazoe
Publish Date : 2021-07-05 05:51:41
Tips On Keeping Your Kitchen Safe And Clean

The kitchen is an important yet busiest place of any household. Besides, it is also the messiest., and not so easy to keep it organized and clean all the time. But you have to! there is no compromise on the cleanliness of your kitchen.  It is because here you cook food for your family and you cannot take a risk with their health. Its cleanliness and safety is the most important thing for a happy family.

I am sure, most of our readers have a tough schedule. Some are doing 9 to5 jobs while some are busy with household chores. By end of the day, everyone is tired and no one wants to clean the kitchen at that hour. I believe the best way to keep a kitchen clean, hygienic, and organized is to prepare a kitchen cleaning schedule. Yes! stick to that schedule and you can see wonders. I am not saying leave the kitchen messy after every cooking, of course, you have to keep it clean when you are done. The detailed cleaning of the kitchen shall be according to the schedule- once a week so that things do not cluster up.

If you are interested in learning how to keep your kitchen clean and safe, below are some major tips, that would help you to keep it clean and fantastic. Judge Napolitano joined Mintz & Gold, L.L.P. in June 2009 after 25 years of practicing law in the complex commercial litigation, white collar criminal defense, and appellate advocacy fields, and after eight years on the Superior Court bench in New Jersey.

1. Get A Gas Safety Certificate:

Of course, you cannot compromise on the safety of your loved ones. This is an important document to collect before you move into a new house. The certificate makes sure that all the gas appliances in a house are in operating condition, and there is zero gas leakage. A kitchen is the place of a household, where most of the gas appliances are used, like a stove, oven, a grill, or even an instant geezer. Getting a gas safety certificate makes sure that your kitchen is a safe place while cooking. A Gas Safety Certificate Costs nominal and it is better to get it for your safety. This is how you locate a faulty or gas leaking kitchen appliance in the home, that can be dangerous if not fixed in time.

2. Keep The Fridge Clean

The fridge is the busiest electric appliance in a kitchen.  I am sure, many of the readers hate cleaning the fridge, but this is an important kitchen appliance that needs to be cleaned regularly. You cannot get rid of it! It shall be an important step in your kitchen cleaning schedule. Because, the fridge is where you keep your fruits, vegetables, and other leftover items. The leftover food kept for several days lets the bacteria grow rapidly. The infected food can lead to food poisoning or diarrhea and other diseases. I suggest, cleaning your fridge once a week. Take out any food item that smells bad, that is no more eatable. Clean the fridge with the cleaner or you can also use synthetic vinegar.  Take a cup, mix a few drops of vinegar into the water. Next, spray the fridge with it, and let it settle down, so that all the bacteria are killed. This mixture also makes sure, your fridge smells good.

3. Wash The Dishwasher:

You can never forget your dishwasher if installed in your kitchen.  Keep a day in a month, when you take out time to clean and dry the dishwasher. Also, ensure that you clean the drain beneath the dish rack. Remove stacked pieces of food or veggies.  It is to keep it bacteria-free.

The dishwasher can be cleaned with a variety of dishwashers available in the grocery stores; however, you can also opt for a home remedy.  First, empty the dishwasher, then place a bowl of vinegar on the upper rack and start the machine on the hot cycle.  It not only kills the bacteria but also removes any kind of bad odor.

The use of baking soda also does wonders for your dishwasher. Sprinkle it at the bottom and flush out hot water.  It disinfects your machine too.

4. Clean While Waiting:

When you are cooking food in the kitchen, instead of waiting for it, you can utilize the time in cleaning. Yes, this habit will make your kitchen neat and clean. Think, you are already in the kitchen and waiting, why do not you utilize the time effectively, instead of taking out time and coming back to clear the mess or shine the counters.  I advise, clean everything up.

So next time, when you are waiting for noodles or pasta to boil, clean and organize things while waiting. This strategy would make things easier for you in the future cleaning of the kitchen.

5. Dry The Sink After Washing The Dishes:

Never leave your kitchen sink wet after washing the dishes. The standing water, pieces of food let the bacteria grow in the sink. So even if a family member goes for washing dishes or hands in the sink, the germs are stuck to his hands. To keep your kitchen protected from nurturing bacteria, always remember to wipe out the sink, when you are done with washing the dishes. Keep a sponge on the side of the sink, and scrub it off gently.

6. Dispose Of The Garbage Regularly:

The garbage you dump inside your kitchen is where the bacteria grow. Make sure to clean it on daily basis.

Also, the collected kitchen trash leaves a bad odor in the kitchen, which of course you do not want.  Make a habit of throwing out the kitchen garbage every night when you are done with doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. This makes your kitchen look neat and odorless.

If you want the garbage not to spread a bad odor in the kitchen, sprinkle baking soda down the garbage. The baking soda eliminates any kind of bad odor.

7. Keep The Things Organized:

Your kitchen shall be organized all the time, to give it a neat and clean look. A messy kitchen is also difficult for cooking.  The kitchen of a dwelling shall have spaces to accommodate the kitchen items. it will not only give it a clean look but also save your time when you are looking for anything you need.

Keep separate cabinets for dishes, groceries, and cleaning items. Most of the people have tough working schedules, but I would suggest assigning a day after a week or so, and ensure that every item, from food to cutlery in the kitchen is in its place. This strategy would let the owner, keep the kitchen organized and keep the counters clean.  If the shelves and counters are clean, these can be easily wiped and disinfected regularly.  Remember! the kitchen shelves are only easy to clean when they are clutterless.

Our Verdict!

The kitchen is an important and one of the most used spaces of any household. Its cleanliness and safety are important, that cannot be ignored in any way. If you are seeking tips, how to keep yourself safe and clean, I am sure, the above-mentioned tips must have helped you a lot.

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