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Pregnant: 8 tips to stop headaches!

Author : thecreativejournal
Publish Date : 2021-05-07 08:57:41
Pregnant: 8 tips to stop headaches!

Almost 10% of pregnant women are prone to headaches during the first trimester of pregnancy. Some even endure this pain until the end of the pregnancy. Experts have not yet found the plausible reason for this discomfort except that it would have to do with the imbalance in blood flow and hormonal changes. Despite this assumption, there are nevertheless tips and tricks to calm headaches during pregnancy. Our advice.


Painkillers like ibuprofen or aspirin are not recommended for pregnant women. Paracetamol, on the other hand, is harmless and effective in stopping headaches. Before taking any medication, however, it is essential to seek the advice of a doctor. This is important to know the correct dose for a pregnant woman, even for the case of simple paracetamol.

Drink caffeinated beverages

According to popular belief, drinking too much coffee is not very advisable during pregnancy. But if the expectant mother used to take it before pregnancy, then continuing to drink coffee will not be very harmful during this period. On the contrary, drinking caffeinated beverages is positive for pregnancy. It is therefore not necessary to permanently stop coffee or cola, the best is to reduce the daily dose. If the mother suddenly stops these drinks, the risk of a headache or migraine will still be extreme.

Use of the compress

Grandmother's remedy but still effective in relieving headache during pregnancy: the use of the soaked compress. To do this, the expectant mother needs to take a compress soaked in water to put for a few minutes around the eyes and nose. If the migraine is related to nasal congestion, hot water is used. If the cause is hypertension or tension headaches, the compress soaked in cold water should be placed on the neck and back of the neck.

A good massage session

a pregnant woman should take some time to take care of herself. A massage session is therefore recommended to relieve tension and especially to treat headaches. Thanks to the know-how of a qualified professional, the expectant mother benefits from the advantages of massage to relieve the tension accumulated in the neck, muscles, and shoulders. If the weather is not in favor of the mother, she can ask her partner to massage her neck and back. A hair washes accompanied by a circular massage of the cranium also works to soothe headaches.

Eat-in small portions and less sugar

According to doctors, too much sugar in the blood always causes excruciating migraines for pregnant women and ordinary people. Staying away from sugary snacks can help to reduce this danger. Often, try to ignore the hunger pang. The idea is to eat in small portions to prevent the problem. If you don't have time for a small snack, keep some healthy foods in your bag, such as fruit or cookies.

Engage in physical activities

This method is necessary to prepare your breath during the big day and take care of your body to prevent possible ailments such as headaches. Physical activities reserved for pregnant women are available on the internet or from your obstetrician. This regular practice has been scientifically shown to significantly reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches.

Enjoy the benefits of cold water

This time, we no longer use cold water with a compress. We take advantage of its benefits by showering and washing with it. The effect is immediate since the contact of the body with cold water causes a certain constriction of the excessively dilated blood vessels. Therefore, the relief is rapid even if the use is limited to a simple washing of the face.

Discover the pain triggers

If the problem persists, the other tip is to find the source causing the headaches. In general, noise, smell, fatigue, or poor posture also lead to headaches during pregnancy.

The stuffy room

If you work in a closed office that lacks freshness, try to leave the room every hour. This will offer you a change of pace and keep you both physically fit. Sitting for long hours with a bloated stomach is not very ideal for pregnant women.

The foul smell

At home, in the street, or the office, avoid going to places where you smell unpleasant. If the shortcut goes through these places, go around to practice a bit of walking.

The stress

Not everyone is immune to stress, but you always try to calm down and let your nerves relax as much as possible when you are going through a pregnancy. To do this, it is recommended to make things positive, smile, rest, and gently take the circumstances.

These few tips help stop headaches in pregnant women. Indeed, this period is not easy to live with, but with effort and courage, the mother-to-be will certainly be able to calm any discomfort and the unpleasant effects generally caused by this upheaval in the body and the mind.


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