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Government, second round of consultations. Draghi illustrates his program: work, EU, school and vaccines. Salvini embraces Europeanism also on migrants

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Publish Date : 2021-02-08 16:56:28
Government, second round of consultations. Draghi illustrates his program: work, EU, school and vaccines. Salvini embraces Europeanism also on migrants

The political notebook. The president in charge meets the smaller parties. Tomorrow last day of talks. The League becomes the former number 1 of the ECB also in Brussels. Grillo relaunches universal income. Conte: "I understand the doubts of the 5S, but let's think about the good of the country. I mayor of Rome? No thanks". Di Battista: "Serious mistake trusting Draghi"

A plan for the world of work and employment, relations and synergy with the European Union, great attention to school and an acceleration on the administration of vaccines. These are the main points illustrated by the president in charge Mario Draghi to the minor parties during the second round of consultations which began this afternoon at 3pm. tomorrow will close the meetings with the most important teams: Pd, Iv, Leu, Fdi, Fi and Lega.

Compared to the school, according to what Agi reports , for Draghi it is necessary to review the calendar as soon as possible and hire more teachers, in order to recover the lessons and hours lost due to the pandemic by activating recovery hours.

From the Carroccio, however, comes a new, unexpected opening by the leader Matteo Salviniwho said he was willing to support the Draghi government also on the issue of migrants and Europeanism. A turning point that is incredible if it were not dictated by reasons of opportunity. In fact, during a press point in Milan, the leader of the League said that "on the issue of immigration we will propose the adoption of European legislation. We are fine with immigration in Italy being treated as it is treated in France and in Germany. With the same rules ". And answering a question about the landing of the Ocean Viking ship he added: "We need to involve Europe in what is not just an Italian problem". But that's not enough. Senator Salvini also said that tomorrow, during the second round of consultations with Draghi, he will make health a priority: "There iswhich is the most advanced from the point of view of securing the population and vaccinations. We will propose to Draghi the Bertolaso ​​model "on vaccines. Attracting the criticism of the Democratic Party, who, through the mouth of the vice president of deputies Michele Bordo, warns on Twitter:" You can't really hear that #Salvini proposes as a priority, to vaccinate all Italians, the model Lombard of Bertolaso. Other than government to manage and overcome emergencies. So emergencies risk aggravating them ".

But Salvini was not the only Northern League to surprise for the pro-European turn. Marco Zanni , parliamentarian of the Carroccio in Brussels, in fact defended Draghi from the criticisms of the ultra-right leader  Jörg Meuthen "This - says Zanni - is not the time for controversy, but to work for the good of Italy and the Italians. abroad he criticizes Professor Draghi for defending the European economy, work and social peace - therefore also Italian - and not only German interests, this would not be an accusation for us, but a title of merit ".

Second round of consultations for Draghi
The president in charge Mario Draghi today kicked off the last round of consultations which will close tomorrow. Then he will have to report to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and dissolve the reserve . After having collected in the first round of the talks the favor of the Lega and Forza Italia, as well as the current parties of the majority and centrists, now the former president of the ECB with the parties faces the knot of the government program. Today Draghi met the minor political groups: Misto, Autonomie, Più Europa and Noi conItalia. Flash consultation that will continue tomorrow, after which Draghi will have to find the summary by Friday .

The president in charge will have to decide whether to create an executive on the Ursula model, technical or technical-political . A decision that could be taken after having received the support of the League. In the center-right, in fact, the only party still openly aligned against the Draghi government is the Brothers of Italy , with Giorgia Meloni continuing to call for the vote.

Lupi (Nci): "Ok convinced to Draghi without vetoes"
Full support and ok convinced to Draghi by Maurizio Lupi of Nci at the end of the meeting with the prime minister in charge. "We confirmed to the president in charge Draghi not only our esteem but also, after hearing the summary of his program, our sharing in particular on the Europeanist perspective with an Atlanticist center of gravity and on the points he summarized: vaccine plan, work, business and We need a government that addresses and values ​​the intermediate bodies and the South - said Lupi - It is clear that we are responding with seriousness and responsibility to President Mattarella's appeal for a high-profile government that does not identify with any political force, for this reason to Draghi we offered a firm yes and no vetoes ", he concluded

Bonino: "From Draghi convinced Europeanism and Atlanticism"
"Without needing to ask, it was the first position that the president in charge Draghi told us: a convinced choice for the European process and a convinced choice of Atlantic deployment, beyond the dislocations of recent years. It was the first point of the government program that has shown us ". Emma Bonino explained itsenator of + Europe, after consultations with the prime minister in charge Mario Draghi, replying to those who asked her if she had asked for discontinuity in foreign policy. "Our support will continue even in difficult times that obviously will not be lacking - Bonino said - The president in charge referred to three fundamental reforms that the European Commission is asking of us: taxation, law enforcement and justice. We have added, not only the administrative one. and civil but also criminal, with the dramatic entanglement of the situation in Italian prisons ".

Mixed Group: "For Draghi no grants"
"President Draghi told us that we need to invest and with refreshments to avoid non-repayable contributions but to finance businesses to recover". This was stated by Manfred Schullian , president of the Misto group, after meeting with the prime minister in charge Mario Draghi. "Draghi briefly illustrated the pillars of his action. Among the priorities he intends to follow with his government - he added - are health care, the vaccination campaign that must not only be completed but really started. He spoke a lot about environment, work and business ".

Conte: "I mayor of Rome? No thanks"
Meanwhile, Giuseppe Conte , intercepted in the streets of the center by Tg3, replies that he does not want to run for mayor of Rome: "No thanks", he says. And it justifies the perplexities of those in the M5S who show doubts about supporting Draghi: "It's not an easy step for some of them". Therefore, continues Conte, "it is understandable that there are some perplexities". But "compactness is a value in itself".

Grillo relaunches universal income
Beppe Grillo , on the other hand, after the 45-minute motivational harangue to the big five stars and the interview with Draghi, returns to the topic of universal income in a post on Facebook, without direct references to the political moment but to mark a personal historical battle and of the Movement: "GoodDollar - he explains - is a coin and a digital wallet that allows you to receive basic income directly on your phone. We talked about it more than a year ago on the Blog. Now the project is no longer in the experimental phase, thousands of users are receiving their GoodDollars daily, "adds the M5S Guarantor.

source article:https://www.repubblica.it






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