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You Need to Know About Bathroom Vanities

- By joeyfranklin
Publish Date : 2021-03-24 06:44:47
You Need to Know About Bathroom Vanities

For some people, bathrooms, vanities, and bathroom sinks are the same. They both serve the same purpose and that is to keep our bathroom clean and hygienic. However, as far as installation is concerned, homeowners can do it themselves. If, however, this task scares you, then it is best that you contact a bathroom design company to have them install your bathroom vanity.

Some bathroom vanities come with storage cabinets underneath. These storage cabinets can be used for storing unwanted bathroom necessities. Some vanities have bathroom cabinets that also have mirrors, shelves and lights installed. There are even bathroom vanity sets with bench seating along with storage drawers for storing toiletries.

Shapes and sizes of bathroom vanities:

Today's bathroom vanities come in all shapes and sizes. There are small ones that are very useful in smaller bathrooms. There are also big vanities that can accommodate a refrigerator or even a microwave in them. You may opt to purchase a vanity with drawers, shelves, and other bathroom vanities feature that you desire. Also, bathroom vanities come in different colors and materials.

Colors and materials of bathroom vanities:

Bathroom vanities wholesalers in VA come in all colors and materials. But not all of these vanities are of good quality. If you prefer to purchase a quality product, then it is best that you seek advice from bathroom vanities retailers. They usually have catalogs with designs so that you may choose the one that will suit your bathroom.

In terms of the material used for bathroom vanities, there is a wide choice. Most bathroom vanity units are made from wood, although you can also find them made of glass and even stone.

If you want your bathroom wholesale vanity set to be unique then you should go for a marble bathroom vanity unit. For even more of an original look, why not try looking for old bathroom vanities that have been handed down in your family? This could be the perfect way to ensure your bathroom vanity set is one of a kind.

Sizes of vanities:

Most bathroom vanities come with cabinets and drawers where you can store your toiletries such as toothpaste, shampoo, and lotion. You may also install a bathroom sink, depending on its size. Some bathroom vanities are wider than others, while some have small drawers. This depends on how big your bathroom is. There are also double bathroom vanities that have two sinks in one. This is perfect for those who have a large family or live alone.

Styles and designs:

Bathroom vanities have many styles and designs. They can range from antique Victorian styles to contemporary minimalist styles. You may also have vintage vanity units, which are very popular nowadays. A lot of bathroom vanities are designed to match antique decors. There are also modern bathroom vanities that are made to fit in with contemporary designs.

Custom-made vanity:

You can have your bathroom vanity painted or stained, depending on your taste and the theme of your bathroom. Or, you may want to have the vanities custom-made, which may cost you more. Custom bathroom vanities are great because they are unique and can blend well with your bathroom.

Most of the time, custom bathroom vanity units have unique handles and fittings that are not seen on other vanity units. Some even have unusual hardware such as unusual door handles and drawer pulls.

Vanities make look attractive bathroom:

Bathroom vanities help make your bathroom look more attractive. If you have your bathroom vanity then you can enhance the look and feel of the room. You may choose from a wide range of vanities, including European, American, and even Asian designs. These vanities come in different sizes and colors. There are even bathroom vanities that fit perfectly into small bathrooms.

How to install bathroom vanities?

Before installing your vanity in your bathroom, make sure that it will suit your bathroom's design. It is recommended to consult a bathroom expert first to make sure that your bathroom vanity will be able to go well with your bathroom's current theme.

 It is also best if you try to imitate what you see in magazines, especially in terms of color and materials. However, some manufacturers are more creative than others. If possible, have them come over to your place to give you their opinion on your bathroom's overall appearance.


Decorating your bathroom does not have to be expensive. Many affordable bathroom vanity sets will fit into most people's budgets. All you have to do is take the time to find the right one that fits into your bathroom's decor.

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