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The NCLEX-PN exam questions are designed to elicit confusion on your part

Author : emmittedie
Publish Date : 2021-02-25 05:54:39
The NCLEX-PN exam questions are designed to elicit confusion on your part

There are a number of things that can make you frustrated with your NCLEX-PN exam. One of these is the very difficult questions. These are way more difficult than your NCLEX review questions. To make things worse, you need to answer them in thirty seconds or less! Now add the pressure of having to remember all the things you've learned in nursing school. Isn't this making you feel anxious about the NCLEX test? It does, doesn't it? Well, it's a good thing that a great NCLEX-PN review can help you better prepare for the test.

But what exactly in the NCLEX exam will you need to prepare for? And how will you prepare for it? I'm going to share with you some NCLEX review tips to help you ace the NCLEX exam!

Beware Of The NCLEX-PN Question Itself

No matter how many NCLEX-PN review questions you've answered, it's not going to be enough. Most of the actual NCLEX-PN questions are very difficult than the practice questions. And what's the thing that separates the actual NCLEX questions from the ones you answered in your NCLEX-PN review? It's actually not just the level of difficulty of the question. Believe it or not, it's actually your approach to them.

Just because you've spent years in nursing school doesn't mean you know everything. I can tell you even the smartest nursing student can flunk the NCLEX-PN exam. And this can be because of not reading the questions right.

The NCLEX-PN exam questions are designed to elicit confusion on your part. The test makers will try to fool you into misreading the question. They want to know if you really know the answer to the question. If you do, tricky questions will be very easy to answer. The tricky questions filter out those who're qualified to become registered nurses from those who aren't.

If you fall for a tricky question, that's one point taken away from your score...

...And one point closer to failing the NCLEX test!

How To Avoid This Point-Stealing Trap


So how do you avoid making silly mistakes when answering tricky questions?

The answer is quite simple. Include these effective tips and techniques into your NCLEX review.

Take time in answering questions that appear to be very easy. Yes, there'll be times there are going to be easy questions. However, not all of them are what they appear to be. Don't be fooled into selecting the wrong answer just because you never gave a second to think about the question.
Answer based on facts. Don't let your emotions take over your logic. Some question will pose a confusing answer. Will you go with what you think is the right thing to do? Or will you stick with what you've learned is the best for the patient? Sometimes, the correct answer isn't necessarily the easiest thing for you to do.
Try answering the questions first and take a peek at the choices later. This will eliminate your chances of getting confused with two possible correct answers. Stick to your first answer. Don't change it unless you are really sure that your next answer is the right one.
Stay focused at all times. When you read a lot of NCLEX exam questions, you're bound to get bored at some point. Don't let this happen to you. Remember the last time your mind drifted away from the NCLEX-PN review questions at hand? Yes, you got the wrong answers to those. You've made this mistake during your NCLEX-PN review. Don't commit the same mistake in the actual exam.

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