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The information on New Jersey EMT certification

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Publish Date : 2021-02-22 08:11:20
The information on New Jersey EMT certification

Emergency Medical Technicians are regulated by the Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. The Commissioner has made it mandatory for EMTs to earn EMT - Basic Certification in New Jersey for performing pre-hospital emergency medical care at the time of need. However, 120-hours EMT - Basic Training programme developed by the United States Department of Transportation and approved by the New Jersey Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) is one of the pre-conditions for Certification process.

The course curriculum for EMT-training is based on the National EMS Education Guidelines Standards and National EMS Scope of Practice and includes didactic instructions, clinical training, and field training. OEMS has approved 53 training schools, private and public entities, and community colleges to offer EMT training programs for different EMT Certification levels.

EMTs must complete the OEMS approved training programs to be eligible for a practical skills verification examination administered by the training coordinator. The exam is based on the national and state approved curriculum standards. The completion of the "Practical Skills Verification" and other requirements provides eligibility to candidates for the NREMT Certification Examination.

NREMT-Basic exam Admittance Requirements

The admittance to the NREMT exam has certain requirements including:

Submission of the NREMT - Basic Certification Examination Eligibility Certificate Form verifying that the completion of the training program has not exceeded 12 months.
Validity of out-of-state EMT - Basic or EMT - Paramedic certification.
Submission of a photo identification card; and
Submission of a CPR certification card
The students with documented learning disabilities are also eligible for the written part of the Certification Examination accommodations. They must provide their disability documentation to NREMT and OEMS, 30 days prior to the examination. The qualified candidates are allowed 3.45 hours to complete their Written Exam.

NREMT - Basic Exam

The candidates who pass the NREMT Written and Skill examination successfully and complete all necessary requirements are awarded EMT - Basic certification card. The candidates who are unable to get the passing score get two more chances to pass the exam, but if they still fail to clear their Certification exam within three attempts, they will have to complete the Core 13 program and receive the Certificate of Eligibility for EMT-Basic Retraining Program from the program coordinator. Once these requirements are met, candidates get three more opportunities to pass the test, but if they still fail to pass the exam even in their six attempts, they will have no alternative except to re enrol at an EMT-Basic training and complete the program for the certification exam eligibility. Moreover, all attempts to pass the Certification exam must be completed within 12 months of the completion of the training program.


EMT - Basic Certification requirements

The New Jersey OEMS has also laid down certain EMT - Basic certification requirements including:

Age must be 18 years at the time of exam
Hold CPR Certification
Completion of the OEMS approved training program, including 10-hours clinical hands-on experience.
Passing of the state-approved certification examination/or
The Department approved and granted reciprocity.
EMT - Basic certification remains in its current status for a minimum of 36 months, and maximum of 42 months. Recertification requirements include the completion of 24 elective credit hours and 24 core credit hours and holding of EMT-Basic and CPR certifications.

Minors who successfully clear the Certification exam receive provisional EMT - Basic status. However, they are issued certification when they attain 18 years of age. In addition, they are only allowed to perform EMS services under the supervision of a physician and must follow the limitations set forth by the Department.

The information on New Jersey EMT certification can be highly beneficial to these students, who are planning to build their career in the emergency medical care field. In addition, the students from PA can also obtain Pennsylvania EMT certification related details from PA Certification page.

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