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Terms and Methods of Getting Instagram Blue Tick

Author : chloewilliam125
Publish Date : 2021-05-26 13:14:29
Terms and Methods of Getting Instagram Blue Tick

The Instagram blue tick clearly shows other users that your status and contributions on the platform are extremely valuable. On Instagram, verifying certain users is beneficial to the community because this process shows that a brand or a well-known person is real. The Instagram blue ticking happens when all the conditions set by Instagram are met. If you previously viewed a user's Instagram and saw a little blue check mark next to their name, that user has been verified.

It is not an easy process to be verified on the Instagram platform. Is the number of followers in your account important? Is it more difficult to be verified as a creator rather than a brand? Why is Instagram verifying some high profile accounts while not verifying others? In this article, we will explain in detail the process of getting Instagram blue tick.

What is Instagram Blue Tick Verification?

When you do Instagram account verification, you Instagram blue tick will see a blue check mark next to your username . Celebrities, politicians, corporate brands and influencers have been actively using the blue tick for years.

The blue tick badge shows users that the account is genuine and can be trusted. Blue tick minimizes impersonating or fraudulent users gaining an advantage in the market by using your name. Usually, users and companies on this platform respect the reputation of the blue-ticked Instagram users.

How to Get Instagram Blue Tick?

If you want to give the verification a chance, you can follow our instructions described below. Instagram will review your application in a few weeks, but sometimes as little as just a few days. If it is rejected, you must wait another 30 days before applying again. The process of getting an Instagram blue tick is relatively straightforward. Here is a quick breakdown on how to apply:

Open Instagram on your mobile device.

Tap your profile tab.

Tap Settings> Account.

Select Verification Request.

Enter your full legal name, a study name if available, and your category.

Upload an official government-issued identification form.

Click Submit to start the review process.

Instagram blue tick verified account

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Required Criteria for Instagram Blue Tick Verification

The Instagram platform publicly states the qualifications that each account must meet. So, for you to be more likely to get an Instagram blue tick, check that you meet the following criteria:

Reality: Your account must be a natural person, business or legal person. “Fan” accounts (such as those created for celebrities) and untrue accounts are excluded from this category.

Uniqueness: Instagram often wants to make sure that the accounts it will give a blue tick are creating unique content. The content created and published must belong to you. If you post a piece of content that is quoted from someone, you must provide the source.

Public Account: Instagram requires each verified account to be public and have a fully filled bio. You must have a profile picture in your account and upload a sufficient number of photos, videos, IGTV, Reels and similar content.

No Cross-Promotion: Your account may not have "add me" links that tell users to follow you on other social platforms. Your link should only be used to drive traffic independent of other social media such as your website, store, landing page, etc.

Tips to Get Faster Instagram Blue Ticks

We have compiled tips that you can apply here to get verified faster on Instagram. You need to get Instagram followers by sociallygo. However, you should keep in mind that none of this is a guarantee that your request to get Instagram blue tick will be approved. It is only information that can help speed up the analysis of the information you submit.

1. Publish Quality Content As

with everything related to digital marketing today, providing relevant content to your followers will be crucial in the process of Instagram's evaluation of your profile. This way, Instagram understands that your business is not only interested in sales, but also in adding value to the platform and improving the user experience.

2. Use Other Social Media Platforms You

should not be completely dependent on Instagram to prove that your business exists. Therefore, having accounts on other social media platforms will positively affect this process. For example, creating valuable content on YouTube or Twitch platforms can be of great help in getting a verified account on Instagram.

3. Getting a Facebook Verification Badge While

this item is not that popular, having a Facebook verification badge on your page can help speed up this process on Instagram. You must enter certain information such as address, company name in the Get Facebook verification badge section, and then answer a phone call. If your application is approved, you will receive a dark gray badge on your Facebook page.

4. You Must Follow the Instagram Rules

Another important tip to help you in this process is to respect all of Instagram's rules and policies. In addition to showing that you are following the rules, this helps prove that you are using Instagram in good faith. The Instagram Community Directory will help you extensively in this regard

What are the Benefits of Instagram Blue Tick Verification?

If it were truly easy to reach for everyone, the coveted blue tick wouldn't be valuable, and many people wouldn't be exploring ways to get the Instagram blue tick. For most people, having an Instagram blue tick is considered a status symbol or status indicator. It looks great on your profile, makes your account look valuable and makes you feel special. Many brands today tend to collaborate with Instagram celebrities and influencers, so blue tick is very valuable. With a blue tick, other users value more and care more about their thoughts.

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