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Sugar spells for love

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Publish Date : 2022-03-18 21:03:49
Sugar spells for love

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Magic practitioners started using sugar in their spells not that long ago. They would use honey before to let people experience that “sweet taste of love”. But modern times require modern solutions. Now people prefer sugar spells for love over honey love spells.

Basically any kind of sugar can be used in this ritual, except for some very exotic sugars. If possible, find out what sugar the targets likes and buy it. There are rituals though (we’ll tell you about them later) which are performed with the use of sugar cubes. To perform these rituals, buy sugar cubes as the ritual instructions should always be followed strictly.

When you’re going to cast a sugar love spell, remember that it can’t help you build a serious relationship. Such spells are good for short-term love affairs. They give people hot, passionate relationships which, as you know, never work out. Nevertheless, a few months of happiness is better than years of loneliness isn’t it? So prepare to learn what they are.​

Sugar love spells

To begin with, select the target. Like many other love spells, sugar love spells shouldn’t be put on random people. It just won’t do you any good. You’ll disturb the target’s energy, make him lose his peace, and won’t make him fall in love with you. Most likely, you’ll cause a nervous breakdown for which you’ll be punished later. You should put your love spell on someone you love or at least like. A good reason to use a sugar love spell is when you’re sexually attracted to someone. Anyways, put a love spell only on someone who’s currently single.

Having bought some sugar cubes, don’t forget to buy seven candles, too. Put them aside and sew seven tiny bags. They should be big enough to fit one cube of sugar. On the first evening of a new moon, light one candle. Put one sugar cube in your palm and whisper over it:

“You’ll be the root of the tree I want to plant. Juices will be flowing down you feeding our love. You’ll keep our relationship safe, no matter the weather, no matter the strorm.”

Put the cube in a bag, tie it up, and put it away.

The next evening, light another candle, take another cube of sugar and whisper over it:

“You’ll be the body of the tree, flexible and strong and filled with life. You’ll be reaching to the sun allowing us to move towards joy.”

Put the cube in another bag and tie it up. Repeat the procedure for the next five evenings. On the third evening, whisper:

“You’ll be a fork in the road, showing the way for my loved one to follow to find me after I cast these sugar spells for love.”

On the fourth evening whisper:

“You’ll be the twigs, creating a shadow for us to rest in, your whisper awakening our feelings.”

On the fifth evening:

“You’ll be the leaves, each one indicating one of the days of our love.”

On the sixth evening:

“You’ll be the sky completing the tree I’ve grown creating an amazing and beautiful world.”

On the seventh evening:

“You’ll be the sun shining in the sky making our relationship warm, light and joyful.”

Now you have seven bags. Each bag contains one sugar cube. Put the bags over your picture. Put the target’s picture on top of the bags. Put all the seven candles you used in your sugar love spell over the target’s picture. Now wait. The result is usually seen before the end of the lunar month.​

A sugar love spell

Sugar spells for love are easier to cast when regular refined sugar is used. Buy a sugar bowl which is big enough for two sugar bags. Pour half the bag in it. Tie your picture and a picture of the target together (face to face) with a blue, a red and an orange string, and put them in the bowl. Carefully pour the rest of the sugar (1.5 bags) into the bowl making sure the pictures don’t fall. Cover the bowl with a clean silk cloth and don’t touch it until the next full moon.

The next full moon, make some tea adding some of the magic sugar. Drink it and go to bed. You’ll see a prophetic dream showing your future. If you’re single in your dream, you won’t be able to make the target fall in love with you. If that’s the case, take the pictures out, separate them, dissolve the sugar in water, and pour it outside.

If you see the target in your dream that night, add one third of the sugar into the target’s sugar bowl without him knowing. Now every drink he has which has some of this sugar will become a love potion. But that’s not all. If your rival happens to have some tea with this sugar, she’ll end up with a break up spell on her.

More sugar love spells that work will be described in one of the future articles, so stay tuned!

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