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Stunning Kitchen Tile Ideas for your Dream Kitchen

Author : finessetiles
Publish Date : 2021-04-19 10:05:16
Stunning Kitchen Tile Ideas for your Dream Kitchen

Kitchens are undoubtedly the most hardest-working rooms in a home due to obvious reasons. This also means they do deserve extra care and attention in terms of their interior design. After all, your kitchen should make you feel happy while you work there or when you sit in there to relish meals with your family and friends. Besides the cabinet, flooring, worktop and appliance choice, the choice of kitchen tiles also plays an integral role in making or breaking the entire kitchen decor. 

To help you make the ideal choices and informed decisions about the same, here we are with some of the most stunning modern kitchen tiles ideas and recommendations for you.

The Stripe Effect

If you have always had one colour kitchen tile theme in your home but wish to bring in some subtle colour effect, then you must try out this particular idea. You just have to create a strip effect using two or three different tile colours. Depending on the space availability and the size of the kitchen tiles, you can create one or two rows of the same coloured tiles before putting up another colour. The horizontal stripes would help your kitchen appear larger, whereas, the alternating colours would bring in a peculiar vintage charm and feel.

Get the Breakfast Bar Covered

Not just on the walls, as a backsplash and around the sink area, but kitchen tiles can be used innovatively on a breakfast bar also. This is one of the ways of giving more definition to this particular element of a kitchen while providing it protection against spills. You can match tiles with the colour and appeal of the rest of your kitchen or can go for a different colour and pattern scheme for achieving a bold effect.

Kaleidoscope of Colours

Have you been thinking for long that your kitchen misses just one thing and that’s colour? Well, if the answer is yes, you can try out this particular kitchen wall tile trend. You can try mixing and matching different coloured tiles for fulfilling the space’s need for colours. 

Honeycomb Pattern

If you have a liking for the honeycomb pattern on the walls, you can try achieving this pattern on your kitchen walls. For this, you would require hexagonal modern kitchen tiles, which can be of any colour or size suiting your taste and space. The reason why hex tiles are so popular is that they have an eye-catching geometric shape that looks awesome. For a delicate and sophisticated appeal, you can go with white or grey hex tiles. Black or any other dark coloured hexagon tiles would suit wooden kitchens and copper or gold tiles can complement kitchens with dark cabinets.

Fish-Scale Tiles

Fish-scale tiles in different colours in kitchens can achieve a soft yet dynamic effect. For making these tiles blend even better with the rest of the kitchen decor, you can place some similar coloured accents here and there. A turquoise coloured fish-scale backsplash in your kitchen can be the accent piece. 

Checkered Tiles

There are so many designs available in modern kitchen tiles that you cannot feel out of options. However, the more the choice, the bigger can be the confusion. If you don’t wish to feel overwhelmed by plenty of choices, you can stick to some tried and tested ones, including the checkered tile designs. They are attractive and go well with white kitchens.

Hand Painted Tiles

If you are someone who goes overboard while personalizing spaces at home, then this kitchen tile design idea seems to be perfect for you. You can invest in some gorgeous hand-painted tiles, which you can paint on your own or get painted by some artist.

Monochrome Tiles

If you are someone who likes everything around to be nice and colourful, then going overboard in terms of colours while designing your kitchen is no surprise. You can end up choosing cabinets, appliances and other fixtures in different colours, which do make the space look attractive but sometimes a mess also. To balance out bold colours, you can get monochrome patterned tiles installed in your kitchen. With neutral colour in the mid-section of the kitchen walls, you can go all colours for the rest of your kitchen.


There are plenty of kitchen tile ideas and recommendations available in magazines and over the internet. You can go with the ones that best suit your kitchen, taste and budget altogether.

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