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Steps to Selecting a Secondary School in Ahmedabad for Your Child

Author : Shobhittpandeyy
Publish Date : 2021-02-23 09:36:06
Steps to Selecting a Secondary School in Ahmedabad for Your Child

Choosing a secondary school in Ahmedabad for your child isn’t an easy task. With so many considerations to factor in, it can be a stressful experience for any parent out there who wants to do an excellent job of finding the best possible school for their child. Going over these steps, though, will make it easier for you to single out the essentials of the process. Here’s what you need to know. 

Consider Your Child

What does your child need? Is your child an introvert or extrovert? What kind of learning environment fits your child better? Do you think a highly structured one or a less structured environment will be a good option? Does your child have special learning needs? These questions will help you narrow down your list. 

Think About Your Family 

When you look for a secondary school, consider your family’s needs as well. Think about the cost of the school. Does that work with your budget? Do you need a school that’s much closer to home so you can drop off your child to school and pick them up with ease? There are school bus services, though, that might be available to take on that task, so when it’s time to let the kids go back to in-person classes, that could be a way to compromise on the distance. 

Understand the Fees

How do the fees work? It’s not just the tuition cost that you’ll need to worry about when you enrol your child in school. It’s all the other fees that add up to the total. For instance, there are fees that you need to pay every semester. Some fees are paid once every academic school year and there are fees that are paid only once throughout the child’s stay in school. Other miscellaneous fees also include the uniforms and the books as well as the school bus fees. Knowing what you’ll be paying for will help you manage your budget and take a realistic look at your finances. 

Check for Scholarships

There are ways through which you could save on costs, though. If that’s a welcome thought, check out the scholarship programmes and look over them to see which ones are a good fit with your child. Some grants are ideal for kids with athletic abilities and others are for those with artistic talents. That’s important because too many parents and kids think that scholarships are only geared towards students who excel academically. While good grades matter, your child might have a chance at getting a scholarship even if they’re not an academic elite. 

Know More About the Learning Style 

What kind of learning style does the school have? Traditional learning styles often have the teacher at the center of the discussion. If you want something else, though, look for schools that offer a Montessori-like approach to learning. Some secondary schools in Ahmedabad have a holistic take on education and thus prioritizes academic learning as well as values learning. Meaning, kids learn the importance of both doing well in class and learning morals and ethics. 

Ask About the Teaching Methods 

A good school will have teachers who use a variety of learning methods. That’s because they’re well aware that kids learn differently and at different stages, too. By exploring a range of teaching strategies and methods, teachers get to determine to which ones the students respond to the most. Instructors can then use that information when they reach out to the child and provide performance for the student’s feedback. They know what strategies will make an impact and they can incorporate that into the lectures. 

Find Out About the Medium of Instruction 

If you and your family just moved to the country a few months back or even just a year ago, then your kids might not know the local language all that well yet. At least, not enough if that’s the medium of instruction in class. If you already know you’re moving to the country, then look for a school that uses English as the medium of instruction. That will make it easier for your child to adjust to the school and play catch up with the rest of their classmates. 

Discuss the Behaviour Policy 

How do the teachers deal with kids who misbehave? Also, what is their definition of misdemeanor? Some kids might be too lively in class or would often run around because they respond best to experiential learning. They could be tagged as disruptive, though. That’s certainly not the kind of experience you want for your child. Also, when kids make a mistake, how do the teachers handle that? Learning more about the school’s behaviour policy can help you decide. That is, if they humiliate the kids and suspend them without explaining why the behaviour is bad, that’s likely not the school you want your child to grow up in. 

As parents you are the best judge of which school will best meet the requirements of your child. While studying the schools for its facilities, go with your instincts to choose a school that meets your child’s expectations. 

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