Sexual Harassment Scandal - Esme Bianco Called Marilyn Manson a Monster

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Publish Date : 2021-02-12 04:56:40
Sexual Harassment Scandal - Esme Bianco Called Marilyn Manson a Monster

Sexual Harassment Scandal - Esme Bianco Called Marilyn Manson a Monster

Actress Esme Bianco Is Known For Her Role As Ros In 'Game Of Thrones'. Recently, Bianco opened his voice about musician Marilyn Manson's sexual assault scandal and called him a 'monster'.
Actress Esme Bianco is best known for her role as Ros in “Game of Thrones”. Recently, Bianco opened his voice about the sexual assault scandal of musician Marilyn Manson. He was apparently also a victim and even called Manson a "Monster".

Bianco dated musician Marilyn Manson from 2009 to 2011. He shared his experience dating Manson in The Cut. In an interview, Bianco admitted that he was a big fan of Manson when he was a teenager.

When Bianco got the chance to meet Manson in person, he was very happy. But she said the encounter caused years of psychological torture and violence that thwarted her acting career and left her with physical scars and PTSD.
Bianco said Marilyn Manson went from "a big role model who really helped me through my really dark and difficult times as a teenager" to "a monster that nearly crushed me and nearly destroyed so many women". It traumatized him.
Bianco first appeared as an abuse survivor in 2019, testifying before the California Assembly to help reform domestic violence laws. At that time, he was not ready to say the name Manson. But now, he wanted to tell the complete story.

Bianco admitted that during filming a music video in 2009, Manson physically assaulted him without his consent. She also revealed that Manson assaulted her during sex and once chased her with an ax in their apartment.

"I basically felt like a prisoner," he said. "I come and go at will. Who I talk to is completely controlled by him. I called my family while hiding in the closet."

In the interview, Bianco went into detail about the disturbing harassment and abuse he had suffered from Manson. Several women have also recently filed claims for alleged harassment and assault on Manson including actress Evan Rachel Wood, who claims that the musician "horribly abused" and "manipulated" her during their relationship.

Not only that, Phoebe Bridgers even claims that Marilyn has a special room in her house which she calls a "rape room". Through a tweet on his Twitter account, Phoebe shared that he had been to Marilyn's house. At that time, he was one of his big fans.

Avril Lavigne Spotted Dinner with Mod Sun, Rumors of Going Strong
Since Collaborating Together, Avril Lavigne And Mod Sun Have Seen To Spend Time Together. Not only inside the recording studio but also outside.
Singer Avril Lavigne is said to have found a new love in her life. The pop-rock singer has successfully sparked rumors that she is currently dating musician Mod Sun.
"Avril Ramona Lavigne or more popularly known as Avril Lavigne is an American female musician. She is the daughter of Jean-Claude Lavigne and Judith-Rosanne who was born on September 27, 1984 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Avril is the second of three children. brothers. Her sister is named Matthew while her sister is Michelle. "

There will be no smoke if there is no fire. The rumors emerged after the 36-year-old singer was caught having dinner with Mod at the BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood last week. Apart from that, Avril also shared photos of their food through her Instagram Story.

This incident occurred after the two of them released a collaboration entitled "Flames", which will appear on Mod's album, "Internet Killed the Rockstar". The album is scheduled for release in mid-February. This song is the first release since Avril's album "Head Above Water" in 2019.
Since collaborating together, Avril and Mod have often spent time together. Not only inside the recording studio but also outside. Even recently, Avril uploaded a video via Instagram Story which showed herself and Mod singing a song in a car.

However, neither Avril nor Mod has yet to comment on the rumors. The previous mod had told how he spent time with the singer of "Nobody's Home" while in the studio.

According to him, Avril has a distinctive voice character and is one of his favorites. Besides being strong, according to him Avril's voice is very emotional and unique.

"Avril Lavigne has one of my favorite voices in music," he said in a statement, according to Entertainment Tonight Canada. "Her voice is very strong and confident, yet filled with unique emotions and inflections.

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