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Record Intimate Scenes with Students, This Female Teacher is Imprisoned

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Publish Date : 2021-04-13 19:37:51
Record Intimate Scenes with Students, This Female Teacher is Imprisoned

A married woman teacher in the United States (US) was sentenced to 15 years in prison on charges of filming intimate scenes with students.Biology teacher Amber Turnage from Jackson, Mississippi is also accused of buying gift vouchers to prevent students from disclosing the abuse she experienced. This scandal occurred around 2017.

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Amber Turnage is 42 years old. He teaches biology at Provine High School. Meanwhile, the 17-year-old student who became an outlet for his lust was categorized as a minor by law in America.

The immoral scandal came to light when the student's father discovered an explicit video of his son engaging in sexual acts with Turnage.
Mississippi Government Authorities launched an investigation in 2017 and questioned the student, who said he had met Turnage after school one day and that they were developing a relationship.

The student, identified by US law as a victim, claimed that Turnage gave him gift vouchers and money. He admitted to going to a different hotel with his teacher in that area of ​​the city.

The embarrassing scandal also took place at his family's home, at his cousin's house, and in his car.

Turnage — who was married at the time — was arrested and fired from his job as a teacher.

During the trial, the victim's father said that he became suspicious of his son's behavior and decided to look through his cell phone, where he found an explicit video.
But Turnage attempts to divert the narrative, claiming that it is he who is controlled by the student.


However, Turnage's arguments were rejected and he was found guilty of two counts of sexually abusing a minor.

He was sentenced to 15 years on Thursday last week, as quoted by Knewz, yesterday. Turnage must also be registered as a sex offender.

# Kanye West Finally Responds to Kim Kardashian's Divorce Lawsuit
Los Angeles - Kanye West finally took legal action after Kim Karadashian officially filed for divorce against him in February 2021. E! News, Tuesday (13/4/2021), he submitted a request to the court regarding childcare.

The rapper begged that the custody of his children, both physically and legally, rests with both of them.

As is known, this Hollywood actress couple has four children, the eldest is seven years old and the youngest is almost two years old.
Fortunately, Kanye West's wishes were not against his wife. Kylie Jenner's continued sister also asked for joint custody. This means that both of them want to work together in raising their children.
E! News noted that the contents of the documents sent by Kanye West were similar to those of Kim Kardashian's divorce lawsuit.

Kanye mentioned that both he and Kim paid the court fees separately, and neither party was required to pay living support for the ex-spouse.
Causes of Divorce
Kanye stated that the cause of his separation from his wife was 'irreconcilable differences'. He also asked that personal and collective assets be calculated in the trial process.
Already Santer
The issue of the rift between Kim and Kanye had actually been circulating for a long time, long before Kris Jenner's daughter filed a formal lawsuit.

"Kim is tired of waiting. He has tried to give a chance. He already wanted to do it last year. He has given a lot of time, but it's time to leave it all," said a source about the couple's relationship.

# Doctor Adaninggar and Efforts to Eradicate Health Hoaxes through Social Media
The rise of hoaxes or false information at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic thrilled R.A. Adaninggar to move. Most of the hoaxes circulate through short message application groups. The internal medicine specialist who lives in Surabaya then took the initiative to use his personal social media as a medium to educate families and the public about health, especially about COVID-19.

"At that time I was quite concerned, how come this is circulating in the community? Incidentally, because this is in the health sector, according to my field, I was called to straighten it out. Actually, no one asked, but it didn't feel good in my heart,
Ning admitted that before the pandemic, he rarely touched social media. Until one day Ning tried to educate the public about hoaxes about masks. Unexpectedly, this first attempt received an unexpected response.

Ning came under "attacks" from accounts that were reluctant to accept his presence or have different opinions. Not only being bullied through social media with inappropriate words, Ning also received threats.

Ning admitted that this first experience had shocked him. He also closed personal Instragram intermittent

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