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Pivotal information with regard to Calacatta gold marble Tiles

Author : joeyfranklin
Publish Date : 2021-04-21 11:26:06
Pivotal information with regard to Calacatta gold marble Tiles

Calacatta gold marble tile is an ideal choice for your floor. Calacatta Gold is a hard-wearing natural stone that provides both warmth and style to any space. The Pure calacatta is a tough natural stone material that is quarried in Brazil, Italy, and Uruguay.

These types of tiles are not only used for their striking beauty and the unique appearance they provide but also because they are extremely durable and hard wearing. Their natural beauty has also endeared them to connoisseurs of elegant flooring.

Resistant to stains:

It is not surprising that with their attractive features, Calacatta Gold Marble tiles has become very popular and is sought after for flooring and wall coverings. They are resistant to all kinds of stains and also have the ability to remain intact on any surface. They look beautiful when they are grouted.

These floorings are available in a variety of shades of golden brown and have been designed for easy maintenance. These marble tiles can also be used as kitchen flooring and bathroom flooring.

Shine and luster:

These tiles are a part of the family of Brazilian Ceramic tiles and they are grouted and sealed to give a shine and luster. The tiles are very affordable and are available at all leading home improvement stores.

The tiles have an attractive tinge of gold. They will look elegant and stylish when grouted and sealed by a professional installer.

How to maintain it?

The unique look of the flooring will stand out in any room as it will be able to blend in perfectly with any interior design scheme. To maintain its polished look, it is recommended that the tiles are cleaned regularly. Using a damp mop or a dry cloth, the floor can be swept and dampened without causing any damage to the tiles.

Any spills or liquid stains can be removed easily with a sponge and some household paper. The area should then be dried, and furniture should be covered to prevent it from getting scratches or scuffs.

The durability of tile:

Calacatta Gold tiles are very durable and are suitable for several years. However, they do deteriorate with age. The normal wear and tear which take place with regular use include chipping, breaking, or peeling.

Depending upon the way the tiles are used, these damages might also occur due to the heavy foot traffic the floor receives on a daily basis. When this happens, you can get replacements from the manufacturers. If it is possible, you should try and repair the damaged tile.

How to clean it?

Cleaning the floor is not a very difficult job and can be done easily by all people with even little knowledge about cleaning materials. If there are any stubborn marks, they can be removed easily by using a commercial marble cleaner, but if they are not solvable, the area should be vacuumed.

The Calacatta Gold flooring is resistant to scratching and crushing and is known to stand up to high traffic. The longevity of the flooring can be determined by how many years it can stand up to. It is also resistant to extreme heat, moisture, chemicals, and liquids.

Where to use Calacatta Gold Marble?

The flooring is ideal for homes in coastal areas as it adds a tropical look and appeal to the entire home. It is ideal for use in areas with a cool climate during the hot summer months.

The floor will also need to be protected from the moisture that it will encounter during the winter months. So, it is wise to seal it during the winter months. When sealing the floor, regular sweeping and damp mopping will help to maintain the cleanliness of the floor.


Apart from being highly decorative, Calacatta gold marble tiles are also used for creating an attractive base for various types of flooring. For instance, they are often used for floors around swimming pools, in showers, hallways, verandas, terraces, patios and pool surrounds.

When laid over concrete, they create a tough barrier that makes cleaning much easier. Also, they can be used to great effect in home interiors, as they are available in a variety of designs and colors.

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