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Oven operating modes: what are they and when to use them

Author : dumpspanda020
Publish Date : 2021-05-24 07:17:44
Oven operating modes: what are they and when to use them

Heating from all sides, convection, grilling - why are there so many different modes in modern ovens? Is convection ideal for baking? In this article, we understand the settings of the ovens.

Top and bottom heating

The most basic and popular setting that any oven has. The temperature is supplied from two sides - a little more from the top and a little less from the bottom. As a result, the oven warms up evenly over the entire area, and you can cook at any of the levels. The closer the food is to the heat source, the more the food is baked. Something small can be placed on the upper or lower tiers, and a large dish in the middle.

The Top and Bottom setting is good for bulky dishes - roasting a whole chicken, a large piece of meat, or a baking sheet that is full to the top. Then the products will be ready not only on the outside, but also on the inside, and there will be no situation when the chicken is already covered with a golden crust, but the breast is still raw.


An operating mode in which hot air is dispersed through the oven chamber by a fan. Convection is suitable for almost any recipe and promises the same even baking, but with 100% reliability. Convection is best for loading multiple trays. In the standard top-bottom setting, the middle baking sheet, covered on both sides by the others, can take much longer and worse cooking. Convection solves this problem by circulating heat to every nook and cranny of the oven.

It is believed that convection is the best mode for baking. However, not for everyone. If we are talking about yeast dough or recipes that do not involve a large rise in the dough, then convection really comes in handy. For example, you can bake pies, cookies, sand tarts with it. Several trays of buns or pies will be baked evenly, not only from top to bottom, but also from edge to edge of the baking sheet. But biscuits and muffins are best baked without convection. Biscuit dough rises due to oxygen bubbles inside, and excess draft and air destroy its delicate structure.

Bottom heating

At first glance, this is a useless mode in which only the lower elements of the oven heat up. Large dishes will take a long time to cook, the chicken will only be baked in the morning, and is not at all suitable for baking. There will definitely not be any beautiful golden crust. Then why is it needed?

Bottom heat is suitable for slow simmering, braising or reheating food. It helps to maintain the set temperature without unnecessary overheating and is suitable for very long dishes that can burn or dry out on the outside before being cooked.

Even in the lower mode, you can simulate the operation of a steamer. Place a baking tray or ovenproof dish filled with water on the lower shelf. Place food on the wire racks. As the water warms up, it will begin to evaporate and the food will cook.

Also on the bottom heating you can quickly and economically heat up bread, pizza and other dishes. While the top heat may fry them undesirably, the bottom heat will gently heat the food without being too hot.







Probably the clearest and most obvious mode. Turned on the grill - got a golden crust on any dish. Quickly melt cheese, fry chicken, dry baked goods, cook small pieces of meat or fish - the grill is ideal for this.

Usually, the grill is turned on at the end of cooking - this is a powerful heating element located outside, and it can overcook the dish ahead of time. The standard scheme looks like this: cook the same chicken until cooked on top-bottom or convection, at the end turned on the grill for a crispy crust for 5-10 minutes. Done, you are great.

Only one grill can quickly cook thinly sliced ​​vegetables or small meat and fish steaks on the fine oven rack. And, of course, the grill is the first assistant for lovers of quick hot sandwiches. Not suitable for baking at all.

Convection grill

Combined with convection, the grill heat is distributed more evenly. The chances of burning the product are less. On a single grill, you can notice the effect when the dish is fried only from the side located under the heating element, but the sides remained pale. Convection, by accelerating the air cushion, helps with the crust where there is no direct air access.

Fast warm-up

It is not found in all ovens, but it comes in handy in everyday life. In most recipes, the dish must be placed in an already preheated oven. And, if you forgot to turn it on in advance, you will have to wait a long time for the cabinet to "heat up".

With this option, the oven heats up to the set temperature - even up to a maximum of 250-300 ° C - in just a matter of minutes. 

If you are not a special fan of culinary experiments, then cook in the standard "top-bottom" mode and connect the convection if you have loaded all the tiers in the cabinet. And if you are interested to know how different modes differ in practice, watch our video at the very beginning of the article . There we tested all the functions of the oven on muffins!

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