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Mens Style: 15 Sexiest Things a Guy Can Wear (According to Women)

Author : ivan2121
Publish Date : 2021-04-29 11:30:38
Mens Style: 15 Sexiest Things a Guy Can Wear (According to Women)

A man may look completely boring most of the time, but one surprising day he turns heads as he walks into class or office looking like a high-fashion model and you ask yourself what happened and what changed. Most likely, this guy just woke up and reached a decision to wear one of the following sexy clothing items we will share with you below. 


These clothing items will immediately make men a million times sexier for unspecified reasons. Here are 10 cool outfits guys wear that make them a million times better. 


1. The Perfect Black Tee 


As difficult is it to find the perfect man, it's also difficult to find the perfect T-shirt. It fits comfortable but not too snug and comes nary a hole or unravelled seam in sight. Just consider black tees like the IRL version of a thirst trap– they embrace the biceps in all the right places and a tight crew neck cut can make a guy look model-hot. 


2. Slightly Untied Lace-Up Boots 


Women actually find it very attractive when lace-up boots are a bit casually untied. When boots are properly and tightly tied, it's not sexy. However, with loose lace, men can look more unpredictable and spontaneous. 


3. Round Tortoise Shell Glasses 


There are specific glasses that make men look too nerdy but for a sexy look, you can opt to wear round tortoiseshell glasses. This look tells girls that your eyes may have been damaged from all the studying and reading you do. You're telling them although you're smart, you are sexy too! 

4. Aviators 


Oh, those aviators! Who doesn't even look hot in aviators, right? 


5. Crisp White Vans


Remember when "Damn, Daniel!" became so popular before? Well, it's no joke that white vans look really nice on guys. 


6. Bomber Jackets


The epitome of the cool-guy move! We don't really know the reason why but wearing one looks amazingly sexy on men. 


7. Tailored Suits


If a man's tailored suits shout "Honey, please take me to a wedding" is definitely hot. Avoid wearing suits that are loose and look huge on you. 


8. Topcoats 


A lot of women are curious why topcoats can look suave and hardly cute at the same time. Can we all agree that a slim-fit camel overcoat just looks like magic? It really does all of that and then some! 


9. Beanies 


Beanies are not cute anymore, it has been recognized as a crucial part of the official "fukboi" uniform! Yes, there is something cool about a guy in a beanie, plus some scruff that looks really good. 


10. Leather Jackets 


It doesn't matter if your man wears a T-shirt every single day because when he throws a badass leather jacket on, he will instantly transform into the most fashionable guy in the room. Are we correct about this? Yes, 100% right! 


11. Khakis


Khakis are becoming more popular now, especially if it's slightly rolled at the ankle (oh la la la!) 


12. Sneakers 


Well, a lot of us already know that one of the huge indicators of a guy's hotness is his shoes. This is pretty obvious! If you love streetwear, then we're sure that you own a pair of Air Force 1s or even a dusty pair of Vans. These types of shoes largely increase your hotness level! 


13. Hoodies


Hoodies are already hot themselves, but wait till a man wears that hood up, everything will be on fire. There is something cool and swaggy with guys wearing hoodies. 


14. Skinny Jeans 


This item is definitely a top choice by almost every hot guy in their wardrobe. Plus points if he does some distressing actions. It won't be possible to rock skinny jeans and not look like a complete snack. 


15. A Sharp White Linen Shirt


Women fall in love with any man who can spend a day in this type of shirt and not arrive at home covered in food dirt. 

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