Long Weekend Lunar Holidays Plus Valentine Free to be creative at home

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Publish Date : 2021-02-13 19:41:05
Long Weekend Lunar Holidays Plus Valentine Free to be creative at home


Let's admit, who is here who has been waiting for the long weekend for the Lunar New Year and Valentine holidays this weekend? The image of being free from piles of work and enjoying special moments is indeed fun. Especially if you can spend it with your family, of course, the warmth and excitement will certainly be felt.

Unfortunately, this long weekend you still can't travel, let alone traveling. The pandemic that is still happening, makes this long vacation inevitably has to be passed by still having to stay at home, for the sake of our health. To be free to die in style, the idea of ​​this activity can really be tried, you know.



Chinese New Year Virtual Party with Big Family
Salute for you and your family who choose to celebrate Chinese New Year at home. However, that doesn't mean you can't still interact with extended families, right? There is a technology called video calling to zoom that you can use to create a virtual Chinese New Year party with your extended family.

Invite them to join together, if necessary, specify a dress code. To make it even more exciting, give a gift for the best costume. In addition, the tradition of distributing angpau also doesn't need to be eliminated, because you can still share with each other via the e-money application. Not only practical, but also comfortable and safe, because it is done at a distance from each house.

Celebrate Valentine with Him, Nobar Virtual Romantic Movies
The pandemic has indeed made most of them suddenly have to have an LDR. If you are one of them, don't be sad. You can still celebrate Valentine's Day with him while still applying health protocols. One of them is by playing virtual romantic films.

You can take advantage of a kind of zoom platform to stream together. Some romantic films that you can watch with him on Valentine's Day, including To All The Boys: Always and Forever, Blue Jay, Dilan 1990 or What's with Love 2. If you like Korean dramas, romantic films like Tune in For Love can also really be enjoyed.

While Lots of Free Time, Try Trending Sports
Do you want to try some sports during the long weekend so that your body doesn't get sore? Really can. You can try riding in the morning or running which is also loved by netizens. To stay safe, always make sure to avoid the crowd. You also really need to wear a mask, especially if you go through a busy street. In addition, don't forget to always wash your hands after exercising outside the home.

Meanwhile, if the weather is unpredictable like now, you can still exercise indoors, like yoga. Not all yoga movements are difficult to do. There are tons of guides or video tutorials that you can play while practicing yoga at home. You can try some simple moves, such as Mountain Pose, Tree Pose, Warrior Pose, Triangle Pose, Cobra Pose and many others.

Hone Your Baking Skills, Make Typical Chinese Cakes!
While at home, some people choose to fill their spare time or find new hobbies by being creative in the kitchen. If you recently started learning baking, there's nothing wrong with honing your skills by making typical Chinese cakes.

You can make several Chinese New Year cakes that are believed to bring good luck, such as Ku Cake or Thok Cake, Moon Cake, Diamond Cake, Ong Lei Cake, Sunrise Pie to Basket Cake. For example, the easiest way is to serve fried basket cakes. After thinly sliced, put the basket cake into the flour and egg mixture, then fry in hot oil until it turns golden.
Apart from preparing food, at home you can also prepare fresh drinks. In fact, it's even better if the drinks you make are healthy too. Let's create fresh cold. Add basil, cucumber suri or nata decoco. Not only delicious and refreshing, the drink can also maintain endurance. This is because Fresh Cold contains 500mg of Vitamin C which can increase immunity in the body during a pandemic.

Not only that, Fresh Cold also contains honey which is useful for supply of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Well, honey is also known as an antioxidant, a source of energy that is quickly absorbed by the body, and is anti-microbacterial. With the many benefits contained in it, it's no wonder that Fresh Cold is a powerful and reliable solution to maintaining health amidst the many long weekend activities that you want to try at home.

Interestingly, the price of Fresh Cold is also very affordable. This product is also practical, and can be drunk whenever you want. So remember, whatever activities you want to try to fill the Chinese and Valentine's long weekend, make sure to pay attention to your health condition. However the pandemic is not over yet, stay alert and for the sake of mutual safety. Don't forget to get Fresh Cold products easily by clicking here.

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