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Incredible Aquatic Species You Can Spot at Dubai Aquarium

Author : netashaadams
Publish Date : 2021-08-02 08:39:03
Incredible Aquatic Species You Can Spot at Dubai Aquarium

Dubai is a home of wonders. You will never find a better place than Dubai for your vacation bliss. From wide land desert to artificial ice city and a humungous Aquarium, the place will leave you WOW! Have you ever heard of the tallest building on this planet? It is Burj Khalifa and is located in Dubai. We are exploring the Dubai aquarium and the incredible aquatic species you can spot there. Are you interested to know more about the place? Keep reading!

Six Aquatic Species You Can Spot at Dubai Aquarium:

Dubai aquarium and the underwater zoo is home to over 33,000 aquatic species. It is an entire ocean you can go through, with every kind of aquatic animal making a life there. The place poses fun and adventure for kids and adults alike. We have compiled a list of some incredible animals that you can find in this underwater zoo. Let us walk through the list quickly!

1. Giant sharks:

Have you ever wondered to encounter a shark after seeing its wonders on screen? Well, the adventure crosses every fanatic mind, and you can live your dream at the Dubai aquarium. The Aquarium is home to several sharks, from small to medium and giant ones.

You can meet these predators with a cage dive. The adventure is intimidating, but adventurous souls will never say NO to it! You will never forget such adrenaline-pumping activity in your life. Following is a list of sharks you can encounter during your visit.

  • Tiger sharks
  • White-spotted bamboo shark
  • Leopard shark

2. Stingrays:

If you have watched a stingray on screen, you would have noticed that it is always smiling. With leopard-like patterns on their backs, stingrays are always fun to watch. These marine species are somewhat related to sharks in a few aspects. One interesting fact about these species is that they have electrical sensors located around their mouths.

A stingray can sense its prey via electrical sensors from a considerable distance. These species are truly captivating and leave the visitors WOW with their natural beauty and tricks. Do you wish to see these animals live? Book your Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo tickets today and pay a visit!

3. Colorful Octopus:

A boneless creature in the tank will surprise you with its colours, named the colourful octopus. The creature may have plenty of space to swim in the tank, but you have to look for it in other colours. Visitors love to see this not more than 4.3m big animal as it swims along with the giant tank.

One bonus tip you should remember while looking at this animal is that you should not question your eyesight. The reason is that it can change its colour in one-tenth of a second and can disappear from your sight. You need to find it in its different colours.

4. Giant grouper:

Do you know that a giant grouper is big enough that it sometimes feasts on mini sharks? Well, that is interesting to know! You will always find this aquatic animal with sleepy eyes as it is half-awake, but beware! Of all the species in the tank, this one is rare and is closely associated with Australian reefs.

Groupers change their colours as they grow. You will see the younger ones with some blue and yellow patterns while the mature ones with grey colour and patterns. This pursed-lip creature can grow as big as 400 kg in weight.

5. King croc:

One of the big creatures in the tank is a saltwater king croc that is amazing to watch. The creature is often resting, and you won't see him swimming or playing. The animal is big enough to be kept in a protective environment as it requires a separate massive space.

Dubai aquarium also offers a chance to encounter this giant creature. The reptile can be as hefty as 800 kg in weight. The sharp teeth and largemouth make it a lethal predator in the world.

6. Paddlefish:

One of the ancient water creatures that you can spot in the tank is the paddlefish. The fish is known to trace back as old as 125 million years. The name paddle comes after a large snout they have in their body. You will see it to have a ribcage in their body, but it is all made up of cartilage.

The sad news about this unique and old fish is that their generation is coming to an end due to overfishing. The conservation efforts of Aquarium management are keeping the species safe at different parts. Do you want to see this ancient water creature before it's too late? Book your tickets today and pay a visit to the Dubai aquarium!

Explore the hidden aquatic world at the Dubai aquarium!

Dubai underwater zoo is an entire ocean, and it can surprise you with its many aquatic habitats. With over 33,000 aquatic creatures, the place is a must to visit. Book your tickets and take your kids to explore the hidden world.

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