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In some cases, these decisions will tilt your way; in some cases they could actually

Author : raciaroner4
Publish Date : 2021-04-12 10:33:55
In some cases, these decisions will tilt your way; in some cases they could actually

Six KEY Check Points for Personal Success / Online Marketing

I use the Road of Life as a metaphor for our journey through life, as we both understand that life is a journey, not a destination. On the road of life we are constantly confronted with situations that determine what our choices will be. Some are positive, some may be negative, but ultimately they affect what happens next on our travel down the road. As I evaluate what circumstances had major impact on my life, I can easily look back and determine which decisions made the most difference in my personal life, which of course affects what you do in business.

The two are intertwined as you do not stop being who you are at work. Your personality, attitude, and mindset are who you are based on your life experience. I am going to develop six check points that need to be part of your life plan if you are going to see the success you expect. These are online business ideas that are designed to help you progress through life with a positive and performance enhancing will to win. I will place these in a sequence that establishes priority for each one from my perspective, although you may see them on a different scale.

There is no right call here, the point is that we all need some direction as to what to do next and properly sequenced, these six check points will have dramatic impact for the rest of your life. For all of us that are jumping into new careers, in particular those that in the process of trying to earn a living online, these are imperative to position properly and to be acutely aware of their ability to help you produce positive change in your life.

Here is the lineup from my perspective. The first one is one that I somewhat beat to death, as I consistently place it at the top of most lists related to personal success. The reason that it is placed on such a high priority is that without this platform, other check points will not matter. You have to start somewhere and this check point starts the process.

Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life. I cannot say this enough, yet there are moments in all of our lives that we question this basic premise. Once we have reached adulthood, there is no one to point the finger at when things do not go our way. We have to understand that if life is not producing the outcome we expect; that we need to look at what we have done to see if the fault can be pin pointed for a better decision on the next round. If you do not accept complete responsibility for yourself, you will always be at risk, as someone else is making these choices for you. This ultimately places you in a bad place as no one on earth has the same feelings for you than yourself. Even family members, while certainly on your side, will be making choices for you based on their world.


In some cases, these decisions will tilt your way; in some cases they could actually affect you negatively. That is why it is critical to be the Captain of your ship, to set its course, and to be constantly aware of what challenges are on the chosen path, so that corrections can be made as necessary to generate the expected end result.

Live Your Life on Purpose. Purpose is one of those abstract concepts that sometimes need definition. It is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. I am relating the term to our life journey and what drives us on that journey. Purpose will change on our personal road of life as we all change physically and mentally as we move through life. The reason it is second on the priority list is the foundational support it gives to the other check points. If we have found a purpose in life, that thought permeates through everything we do, driving us forward with a better sense of what needs done to achieve the goals we aspire to reach.

I have always liked helping people that need direction and advice in life and throughout my entire career have mentored the concept of Self Empowerment. I believe that we all need a helping hand every now and then to move us one step closer to our life expectations. While money is the driving force in why so many people are now looking to generate online incomes, money cannot buy happiness. Happiness is a mental and spiritual state brought about by a balanced approach to life. I find that personal relationships with family, spouses, and significant others affect happiness the most. Find what you like doing and you will find that you are happier and ready to meet the next day with full enthusiasm, as opposed to going to work because you have to, or living with someone because you don't want to hurt their feelings. Purpose gives you a reason to face life's challenges head on and to get through them with a mindset that knows there is always light after the darkest hour.

Be Willing to Pay the Price for Your Dreams. You cannot let any challenge take over your life. Be aware of the challenge and plan your way through it. Do not let anything get in the way of your thoughts and dreams. If it is education that is needed, find a way to obtain what you need. If you need a college degree and cannot afford the higher priced universities, then look for community colleges. If you need a license to conduct the service supported by the license, survey the schools in the area that prepare you for the licensing exam. If you were a working female and found yourself with child, do not let having to stay home hold you back. In today's economy where good paying jobs are almost non-existent, many mothers are finding ways to generate income from home with their computers.

Whatever the challenge may be, believe me, the winners have found a way around them. Winners will always find a way. I find that on our road of life, the first twenty one to twenty four years are years of training and education. Depending on what purpose you intend to follow in life, some of you may need a college degree, some of you may just need a license obtained from a trade school. Make sure in this first part of your life to obtain all the necessary training and education needed to support your purpose. Once you begin utilizing the education you obtained to support your life purpose, the rest of the trip becomes easier and starts leveling out as you zip down the road.

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