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How to Setup An Educational Institute in Dubai?

- By kumarshailend
Publish Date : 2021-03-20 17:45:58
How to Setup An Educational Institute in Dubai?

Dubai is the ultimate educational center of the UAE. The education and training institute in Dubai is evolving at a steady rate. According to education business leaders, the population of the UAE is demanding better educational institutes.

The process is simple but it requires a lot of documentation, planning, and approval from government authorities. One of the greatest aspects of Dubai is the significant evolvement and development of educational institutions. If you are planning on an educational institution in Dubai, then you have to learn about KHDA and its approval process for easy company formation in Dubai.

What is KHDA?

KHDA which expands to become the Knowledge and Human Development Authority was launched in the year 2006. The is the first word that comes to one's mind before setting up an educational institute in Dubai. Comparing to the other Emirates, Dubai is still in front for owning a large number of private and international educational centers and so KHDA is a popular term there. 

KHDA asks launching educational companies to conduct series of steps before actually starting the administration. This is to make sure that the finest quality education is given to students. They confirm whether a good quality technical and vocational level of education is provided. Also, they have full rights to audit schools, assess their quality, and impose penalties on ineffective organizations. 

How to obtain KHDA approval?

You need KHDA approval to proceed on with an educational institute in Dubai. Follow the below-given steps to get your hands on KHDA approval.

Choose your kind of education and location 

Application for KHDA differs from the type of educational institute you intend to proceed on with. There are different types of educational requirements. For example, anything related to schooling, early childhood programs, private tutoring, OJT, and other types of training sessions. If you are aiming for a  providing a higher education system then you can choose the location of Dubai International Academic City.

Finishing the registration plan

Completing your registration plan by applying for KHDA approval in Dubai is an indispensable yet tedious process. The following are the procedure you ought to follow:-

• Firstly, you have to introduce your organization. You have to be incredibly clear and precise about the purpose and significance of your institution.

• Then you have to be particular about the people and their demands for your training. Which type of training are you doing? what does it demand and how much? You are responsible to answer such questions.

• Further you need to provide shareholder information.

• Next thing is providing staff experience which is crucial for setting up an educational institute in Dubai. You have to provide accurate qualifications of the staff. 

• Another required material is about training services according to the KHDA's classification.

• You must provide details about non-training services and other relevant details.

• Further, you should give information about all kinds of valuable certificates that your institution provides.

• For the successful running of an educational institute, they need to ensure whether all required resources and facilities are available. For instance, like all the classrooms and their equipment.

• Exhibit your marketing strategies. Provide a clear-cut idea of how you are planning to do marketing.

• Additionally you need to provide a customer recruitment process.

• You must also provide details on undertakings that show you abide by the applicable regulations.

• Last but not least, deliver all the training courses you will provide and appendices.

Complete the application form

After completing the time taking the process of company registration in Dubai, you will move on with the application form. You have to fill up the educational service permit form.

Assembling the important paperwork

After completing the application form, you will move forward with the required paperwork. Make sure to get your hands on the following documents:-

• You need a paper proving name reservation from the relevant commercial authority and initial approval.

• Next, important document is an application form.

• Provide the paperwork of the registration plan.

• Don't forget to keep color passport copies of all shareholders of the institute.

• Also, you require a color passport copy of the director/ manager of the institute.

• Another important submission is a notary public signature for each shareholder and the manager.

•Provide CV of manager or director.

• Further submit the documents proving the qualifications certificates of the manager.

• You also need to deliver an undertaking from the manager asserting that they will manage the training institute full time. They also need you to include the working hours.

• Full-fledged document on the complete course list.

• Include board resolution from the mother company which says the establishment of the institute in Dubai or certificate is of good reputation. This is done if one of the shareholders is corporate.

After clear submission of all the required documents, you need to present copies of the trade license, residence contract if any, and environmental health and safety certificate. For the trade license, the best business setup consultants in Dubai can help you.

Submit the application

The final step is to apply via the KHDA services portal. For the further process, you need to pay fees and wait for the ultimate approval process.

Where to set up your educational training institute in Dubai?

Training institutes are launched on the mainland or in any of Dubai's free zones. The method of acquiring a trade license for a training institute registered in the free zones and the Mainland varies. The document is assessed by the free zone authority or the Department of Economic Development(DED) on the Mainland. Later they will grant the trade license. After that, the business plan and facility layout is finalized, and all of the specifications are sent to the KHDA for approval. The KHDA received the course materials, supporting papers, and profiles of teachers/ instructors. Finally, the KHDA issues the relevant permits after assessing and reviewing the submission. 

In the beginning, the UAE had just a few rural schools and a bare minimum of infrastructure. There was no progress in the field of education, and the budget and facilities were pitiful in contrast to what we have today. The UAE government has long understood the value of education in a student's life as well as a country's growth. Education in the UAE has changed dramatically as a result of proper attention and a sufficient budget.

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