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How To Make Concrete Walls In Your Apartment

Author : Harvirguerra
Publish Date : 2021-05-02 10:09:35
How To Make Concrete Walls In Your Apartment

Concrete is one of those materials that, until recently, few people dared to use in the interior. Decorating garden paths, the floor in the garage, the columns of the gazebo with it is a standard choice, garden statues made with concrete molds; but using it for a kitchen countertop or bathroom floor is a bold decision for most.

However, in recent years, with the rise in popularity of industrial style and minimalism and with the increased demand for loft-style apartments, concrete has won the sympathy of modern design aficionados around the world. Designers and architects saw aesthetics and charm in concrete and began to actively use this material in their projects.

You can make a modern interior in an apartment with imitation of concrete walls yourself. To do this, use special wallpaper or decorative plaster. Concrete walls give the impression of an unfinished renovation, it is a popular type of interior decoration. This option is not suitable for those who prefer classic lines, a large amount of decor, furniture, bright colors in the interior. For the interiors of residential premises, the loft style is popular. It is characterized by walls made of rough materials, including concrete. Gray surfaces with a rough texture serve as an interesting backdrop for furniture or decor. This is the current trend in modern design. For the interior in the style of minimalism, this type of decoration is also used.

Concrete walls are suitable for large rooms, such as a living room, kitchen-dining room or studio apartment. However, it is not necessary that the structure of the wall actually consists of concrete. It is possible to use a finish that imitates this material. If the room is small, it is better to use a partial concrete finish, i.e. only one wall.

You can make such a finish yourself if you use:

  • gray wallpaper;
  • decorative plaster with concrete imitation.

The advantage of the latter option is that the surface will be resistant to various mechanical damage, the material is made of environmentally friendly, non-toxic material. Such decor can be done on your own if you have experience in finishing work.

A large selection of wallpaper with concrete imitation will suit any room. They can be textured or thin. The color of the concrete is gray, but the wallpaper can be of different shades. For example, lighter or darker, with a cold bluish tint or with a warm beige tint.

Hue, saturation are selected depending on the size of the room, the selected blizzard, the color of other finishing materials. For example, if the floor material has a warm shade, then the walls should be done in that color.

In the bathroom, the use of wallpaper is not advisable. Decorative plaster with concrete imitation is suitable here. It must be treated with a special coating, such as acrylic lacquer, to prevent condensation and water droplets from entering the wall.

In the living room, it will be appropriate to finish with plaster or wallpaper imitating the pattern of a concrete surface. You can make such a decor on just one wall, which will serve as a dominant feature in the interior.

All types of wallpaper can be used in the bedroom: paper, vinyl, non-woven. Decorative plaster will also look organic here.

The hall in the spacious apartment will serve as a place for receiving guests and as a recreation area for the whole family. For large rooms, textured plasters with an imitation of a rough finish are suitable.


For the kitchen, non-woven-based washing wallpaper is more suitable. They can be textured or smooth, their main advantage is the ability to remove dirt with wet cleaning. The loft style is also called anti-glamor, since a rough texture is used here, the absence of a large amount of decor, the required amount of furniture without frills. A concrete surface is one of the ways to form an interior. It can occupy one plane or be on most walls.

Concrete plaster may have rust streaks, rough texture with cracks and protrusions to make it look realistic. Typically, this solution is used for a living room or hall. For other rooms, a smoother finish with an imitation of concrete is used. Too saturated walls in a bathroom, kitchen or other small rooms will visually overload the interior. Therefore, calm background colors are chosen here.

The popularity of concrete walls in an apartment has influenced wallpaper manufacturers as well. Various collections have been released with imitation of this material. A large selection of different shades is produced, there may also be a texture with a pattern of concrete surface defects. There is also wallpaper, where the pattern and color repeats the texture of a smooth concrete surface. Photorealistic vinyl and textured non-woven options are popular.

Another option is paintable rolls. Their main advantage is that here you can choose the color individually. But for high-quality painting, it is necessary to apply the material in several only stages. Depending on the type of wallpaper, they are used for interiors in the style: loft, minimalism, eclecticism.

Care depends on the room and materials. Washable wallpaper made of non-woven or vinyl should be wiped with a damp cloth using mild detergents. Paper ones are wiped with a dry cloth without using aqueous solutions; the plaster is washed with soapy water, moisture is not absorbed into it. If you are not yet ready for a concrete floor or ceiling in your interior, use industrial-style decor objects: concrete tables and cabinets, pots and dishes - almost anything can be built from this versatile material.


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