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How to Maintain the Quality of Your Double Glazed Windows Properly

Author : hafijur89h
Publish Date : 2022-11-02 18:07:00
How to Maintain the Quality of Your Double Glazed Windows Properly

Due to its effectiveness in terms of energy conservation, double glazed windows are currently a popular choice among homeowners. However, the majority of them are worried about how to maintain the exceptional quality of these windows so they can deliver on their durability promises.

The fact that windows with double glazing may require little to no maintenance, depending on their frames, is a very significant benefit. These windows only need to be washed with soap and water to be restored to their former glory.

Double-Glazed Windows

Adding double-glazed windows to your house may be one of the most crucial improvements you can make. PVC windows and doors not only increase your home's security but also provide higher insulation, lowering your energy expenses and benefiting the environment. What causes condensation on double-glazed windows? is one of the most often asked questions I receive despite being in the SGCC vacuum double glazing industry for more than 20 years. Let me explain why this occurs and how you may fix this straightforward issue.

The double glazed sealed glass unit, rather than the PVC windows themselves, is frequently the source of the issue. The double glazed unit is held together with a bitumen substance, and if this bitumen degrades, the seal is compromised, allowing damp air and water to enter the unit. This is where moisture can be seen between the two panes of glass, and this is what produces condensation on double glazed windows.

Hasty Judgments

Check your guarantee's coverage before making any hasty judgments. While this is typically the case, your guarantee may state that some problems are not covered. If the guarantee does not cover this, look around for a few free quotes to fix the issue.

However, different types of frames come with differing levels of care, and they are frequently used with double-glazed windows. In order to know how to take care of your window frames, it is ideal if you are aware of the type of material that they are composed of.

Timber Windows

The majority of window care is required for wooden window frames. To prevent them from rotting from exposure to elements like snow or rain, you would need to double treat them with a quality water sealant after installation. You must stain or paint them every three to five years to keep them looking as nice as they did when they were initially installed.

Window Aluminum

The aluminum double glazed window is the next type of window that would require some maintenance. The only little maintenance you will need to perform on this kind of window is to touch up the exterior borders with grey or silver paint a few years after installation when they start to look dark and dreary from exposure to the elements. In order to remove any dust or dirt that may have accumulated on your windows over time, you will also need to clean them sometimes with soap and water.


The  double-glazed windows require the least amount of upkeep. To keep them looking brand new all the time, you won't actually need to do anything. Due to the polyvinyl material used to make them, you won't need to stain or paint them over time. You only need to do routine cleanings with soap and water once every 25 years, and you will be good to go. To ensure that everything is operating as it should, you might need to grease the device's hinges and locks occasionally.

Regardless of the frame style that your tempered safety vacuum insulating glazing have, they are among the simplest to maintain over time. They will maintain their original appearance with just a few minor paint touch-ups and routine maintenance. One of the numerous factors that lead homeowners to prefer them over other window kinds is this.

There is only one solution to address this issue, and that is to replace the double-glazed glass unit. When this occurs, it's critical to determine the primary cause of the glass unit's malfunction. It is possible for the bitumen sealant to degrade if water is present within the PVC window. Ask the tradespeople to confirm that the window has the appropriate number of drain holes for the water to escape while you are having the glass replaced.

Additionally, you might want to make sure the glass is correctly packed so that it is not lying flat on the PVC frame. Every PVC window is made to let water into while also having a water-escape design. To ensure that water may enter, flow out, and not contact the glass unit during installation, the glass should be set on tiny plastic glass packers.


All of the aforementioned guidelines still apply if your windows are made of aluminum or wood rather than PVC. Water drainage and air flow holes are included in the fundamental design of all contemporary windows and doors. You may start working on resolving the issue now that you are aware of what leads to condensation on double-glazed windows.

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