Hollywood actress criticized, selling hand sanitizer for Rp.450 thousand a bottle

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Publish Date : 2021-02-22 14:40:33
Hollywood actress criticized, selling hand sanitizer for Rp.450 thousand a bottle

Hollywood actress criticized, selling hand sanitizer for Rp.450 thousand a bottle

Actress and reality TV star Heather Dubrow has been criticized and accused of being insensitive to the Corona virus pandemic disaster. He received criticism for selling hand sanitizers at high prices.

As reported by Page Six, Heather and her husband, Terry, sell hand sanitizers under their own brand name. Hand sanitizers are sold for USD 28.95 or around IDR 450 thousand for one 177 ml bottle.

These products are sold through home shopping and are quite in demand. Their efforts to sell hand sanitizers in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic have been heavily criticized. Even more so because both of them are famous Hollywood billionaires.
"You and your husband have increased the price. You sold 177 ml of hand sanitizer for Rp. 450 thousand. You and your husband live in billions of rupiah in houses, while you are taking advantage of people's fears. It's a shame," tweeted one netizen.



Getting a lot of criticism, Heather Dubrow defended. The star of 'Real Housewives of Orange County' said that he had donated USD 35 thousand or around Rp. 550 million

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Ivan Gunawan admits that his YouTube account was hacked by Hollywood artists
Recently, artist Ivan Gunawan admitted that his YouTube account was hacked by a Hollywood artist. He admitted that when he was met after being a presenter on Brownis Trans TV.
In this case, Ivan even clarified the incident on his YouTube account after being hacked. When explaining everything, Ivan seemed relaxed and not at all worried.

"Yes, a few months ago my YouTube was hacked by a Hollywood artist from the data," said Ivan when met at the Trans TV Building, Jalan Kapten P Tendean, South Jakarta, Monday (10/8/2020).
Ivan Gunawan explained that the incident happened to him when he was grieving because his father left him before the divine. This is also explained.

"Yesterday there was no moment when my father was there," he said.

Even so, now his YouTube account has returned to him. The return of these accounts is due to an association with a company.

Ivan Gunawan also admitted that he was normal when he lost his YouTube account. However, he mentioned his colleague, Ruben Onsu, who really hated it when Ivan's YouTube account was lost.
"Successfully recovered again because my YouTube channel is under the auspices of the company," explained Ivan.

"I'm just so-so, Reuben who is pissed off," he added.

It is known, Ivan Gunawan had revealed the initials of the name of the person who tried to hack into his account. However, Ivan did not give his full name.

Ivan Gunawan on YouTube has spoken a lot. He also did not expect and was amazed that his account was hacked by a Hollywood artist.

"What's more, those who hacked the Igun Hollywood artist channel, say. Is that true? Oh, I'm really embarrassed, there aren't that many viewers. Finally, back again and you want to know who this is, it's a secret, don't be surprised later," Ivan said in the video.

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Are you familiar with the name Sasha Calle? Yup, this actress is currently being talked about by all media around the world. The reason is, she was chosen to be the figure of Supergirl in the latest film The Flash which will be released in theaters in 2022.

Sasha Calle is the first Latin Supergirl girl in DC who has been selected by more than 425 actresses who have auditioned. He will soon be making his debut in the Warner Bros film The Flash, says the Deadline page.

Before the film comes, let's get to know Sasha Calle through the collection of her captivating portraits below, let's go!
1. Just 22 years old, Sasha Calle is an actress who was born on August 7, 1998 in Boston, Massaschussetts, United States
2. Growing up in Uncle Sam's country, Sasha apparently still has Latin ancestry from her parents
3. Sasha Calle is the son of Samira Calle (biological mother) and Kevin (stepfather). This is a portrait of his childhood when he was with his mother
4. Sasha has one younger brother named Jacob Calle who is a teenager
5. Sasha reportedly became the first Latin girl to star in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) film for the role of Supergirl.
6.There is the most amazing thing, he was able to get rid of more than 425 actresses who auditioned for the role of Supergirl, you know
7. The film 'The Flash' will be the first Hollywood film with an international scale
8. Previously, Sasha Calle was only known for frequently attending short films of various genres and series that aired on local US TV
9. Thanks to the series 'The Young and the Restless', Sasha Calle became known in the United States there through her role as Lola Rosales Abbott
Sasha Calle is arguably the luckiest girl. Because he managed to get rid of more than 425 actresses who auditioned for the role of Supegirl. Wow, really cool, deh. So getting impatient with The Flash movie, here!

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