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He also teaches that for a people to generate

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Publish Date : 2021-05-12 07:24:33
He also teaches that for a people to generate

Your gap analysis will demonstrate the areas that you need to work on to move towards what you ultimately want. Use this to produce a develWorld renowned financial author and wealth creation expert Robert Kiyosaki teaches that in order to become wealthy you need "financial literacy".

Kiyosaki quotes "It's easy to become wealthy when you have a strong financial education".

He also teaches that for a people to generate wealth they also need business skills. As a student of Robert Kiyosaki I can vouch for the fact that this is true. You need to understand financial principles that govern success in business & investment. You need to know how money flows into and out of your account as well as such things as the difference between assets & liabilities etc.

When you can grasp these principles you are on your way to generating wealth.

Now while this may be true in the "offline" world it's not the case in the "online" world. In fact it's totally the opposite.

To become successful in the "online" world it's not financial literacy that will make you wealthy but Online Marketing Literacy. A person needs to know how to use this web 2.0 technology in order to create systems that can generate interest in their business, feed them through their marketing funnels so that they come out the other end of the funnel as a primed prospect that's ready & willing to join YOU in virtually any business opportunity that you are involved in.

There three principles that you will need to understand and master before you can create success in the online MLM industry...

1. Leadership - A marketer needs to know how to step up to the plate as they say and BE the leader that others can follow. When others perceive in you that you do have leadership qualities then people will follow. Leaders always attract followers, it's as simple as that.

2. Attraction Marketing - As an online marketer you need to be able to understand the principles of attraction and how to capitalize on this in your marketing systems. Because we are dealing with online systems and not real world systems your "attraction factor" needs to be evident in your marketing materials, blogs and sites, emails, posts, articles or anything else that you may use in your marketing processes.

3. Marketing Know How - As mentioned at the start of this article, it's your knowledge of these systems and how to use them that will strongly influence your ability to market. And people will discern fairly quickly if you DO NOT have this knowledge.


This is the beauty of marketing online... you don't have to have a strong financial education to generate wealth. This was great news for me as I really had a low level of interest in financial education in the first place. But I do have a strong desire to be all that I can be to master the online marketing world.

And in the end it's that desire, or lack of it, that will determine our success online. There is an old saying that I heard years ago the goes like this...

What a person lacks in knowledge they will gain in desire. In other words if you are strong willed enough to dedicate yourself to becoming a master of online marketing you will attract the success to you.

And in the end that's what we all desire... to ATTRACT success to us.

It's my job as an online marketer to train you in the knowledge that you need to know on how to become an online marketing master in your own right. The job of any good leader in this industry is that of impartation. If you can impart what you know, and many can't, then you will attract others to you through your marketing.

Greg Martin Is An Expert Internet Marketer Who Teaches People How To Use Web 2.0 Technology To Build Successful MLM Businesses.

Greg believes that anyone with the right attitude can be empowered to learn the online marketing techniques that are required to build a successful online business and break free from the crippling effects of a lack mindset.

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