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Handy Décor Ideas for Renters

Author : adamsalbert
Publish Date : 2021-03-10 10:13:09
Handy Décor Ideas for Renters

Living in a rented space can be quite troublesome. Once you think you have settled down, it’s time to shift. Even after signing the lease and sealing the deal, you still can’t be sure when your landlord asks you to vacate the place. It can become quite annoying.


The landlord may want to put their apartments in Thane for sale, and if you happen to live in one of them, when its deal is finalised, you have to evacuate it.

Therefore, after keeping in view all the difficulties that renters have to go through, we’ve jotted down some important do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind while sprucing up your rented home. Read on to know all about them!

Know Your Limitations

Knowing your limitations is undoubtedly the most important thing when it comes to decorating your place.


Before you start or even plan to redo your place’s interior for a complete makeover, it is always good to ask your landlords for permission. This way, you’ll be able to know how much changes you can actually make to the place. Knowing this is more important than you might think it is because some landlords don’t even allow you to change the house’s paint as per your liking. So, it can cause difficulty for you in the future if you do it without their permission.

Revamp Your Storage Options

No matter how many shelves or cabinets you have got, the storage space is always less. Therefore, to overcome this issue, we’re going to give you amazing ideas using which you can readily transform your place as well as add new storage to it.


If you have old boxes and wooden crates, then you can easily turn them into amazing shelves. Paint the wooden crates and cover the old boxes with patterned sheets to give them a new look. Now fix them directly into the walls individually or pile them up over each other. You can easily use this newly added storage as bookshelves or for simply displaying your art pieces.

Likewise, you can make ladder shelves or racks, and you can effortlessly create one by using any of the DIY techniques.   

Invest in Smart Furniture Options

Smart furniture isn’t only the latest and trendy, but it is also quite handy to move. If you’re living on a short-term lease, then mobile furniture is a practical option as it will be more comfortable for you to move while shifting homes. Moreover, you can also transform your existing furniture into portable ones using different DIY techniques, such as installing a chester underneath your bed.

Use Wallpapers instead of Paint

If your landlords aren’t comfortable with having new paint, then you can opt for temporary wallpapers. These wallpapers aren’t only great for giving your place a new look. But you can also easily remove them when you’re moving out to turn the place back to its original colour. It is an effective and budget-friendly way of renewing the interior of the home.

Give Your Place a Fancier Look with Inexpensive Drapery

Curtains have been used for ages to make any place look and appear fancier. You can do the same by investing in some inexpensive yet elegant looking drapery. Moreover, to give your place an even more sophisticated look, try going for some innovative hanging ideas such as using hooks for holding your curtain rod or hanging curtains using ropes. You can also create your own unique tie-backs to complete the look.           

Add Colour to Your Place Using Eye-catchy Rugs

Another great way of giving your place a new look without even doing much is by adding some statement rugs. Buy a few colourful, funky-looking eye-catchy rugs or centrepieces and use them to give your place a fresh and new look. This décor hack is quite handy as it doesn’t need you to burn dollars; rather, it costs you just a few bucks if you go shopping from any thrift store.

We hope that these handy home decoration tips will help in transforming your place and give it a new and improved look. Whether you live in any property for sale in Thane or Virar, these tips will definitely come in handy when you’re decorating your place.

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