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Gotham Knights Already Has a Perfect Set-Up for DLC

- By moonrunner1
Publish Date : 2021-02-08 12:57:10
Gotham Knights Already Has a Perfect Set-Up for DLC

With a playable roster made up of four fan favorite Bat Family members and an exciting introduction of the Court of Owls teased, Gotham Knights seems set to deliver in a big way. While players still have no idea how the story will play out and how exactly the game will work, what has been shown for WB Montreal’s co-op DC title thus far makes it seem like a perfect fit for post-launch content. Intriguingly, the best DLC format for one of 2021’s most anticipated games could come from one of 2020’s most disappointing releases.

Gotham Knights DLC could thrive by following Marvel’s Avengers’ method of post-launch content drops. While Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers game features problems with repetitive mission design and a major lack of enemy variety, its format for DLC makes perfect sense for a superhero-focused games-as-a-service offering. Dropping a new hero every few months with a standalone storyline is excellent, and each expansion coming with a fresh villain to fight only sweetens the deal. While nothing is known about Gotham Knights’ DLC plans and some unmentioned in-game feature may make post-launch heroes impossible, for now a Marvel’s Avengers-like plan seems like a perfect way to support Gotham Knights after its release.

The most recent character to official join the Bat Family, Selina Kyle’s marriage to Bruce Wayne in the finale of Tom Kane’s great Batman run would be great to see addressed in Gotham Knights. With Bruce supposedly dying, seeing Selina affected by his loss would be excellent, especially if the two tied the knot in WB Montreal’s new Batman universe. While a predictable story would see Catwoman return to a life of crime, it would be more fun to see her use Batman’s death as motivation to turn into a full-on hero — bringing an end to her walking the line between good and bad.

Not only has Catwoman been playable inside Batman: Arkham City, and Batman: Arkham Knight, giving WB Montreal a source for inspiration when it comes to crafting her moveset, but the same run of comics that ended with her marrying Bruce featured an excellent rivalry with Bane. Giving the villain his best story since he broke Batman’s back, introducing Bane alongside Catwoman would make for an excellent DLC that fires on all cylinders. Introducing a boss that was fun to fight in the Arkham games, as well as a likable character that was fun to play as, a Catwoman expansion would be a must-have DLC for the game.

With rumors of a canceled Damian Wayne game spreading back in February of last year, and Batman fans being wildly disappointed by the news, delivering on what could have been via a Gotham Knights DLC would be incredible. There are a few directions that WB Montreal could take a Damian Wayne expansion, as a strong story could see him leaning into his crueler side that Bruce tries to suppress in the comics. Wielding a sword and willing to kill like Red Hood, the duo’s camaraderie could be fun to see play out. At the same time, Damian attempting to follow in his father’s footsteps and be the next Batman would make just as much sense, as the loss of Bruce could fully transform Damian.


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