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Everything You Need To Know About Ties

Author : emmadobie
Publish Date : 2021-07-16 22:21:32
Everything You Need To Know About Ties

Since the early 20th century, a tie has been increasing the level of fashions. There are a few professions where a tie is one of the mandatory parts of the dress code. Moreover, it produces an air of professionalism and authenticity of an individual. The rules of wearing ties are distinctive, starting from custom to a statement style. Nowadays, wearing a tie means adding an extra effort to look more attractive and dashing simultaneously. 

Now when you know that you should wear a tie to be a man among your surroundings. You should also know the types of ties to consider according to your occasion. 

You can explore a variety of ties on Ties.com

A Perfect Necktie

Necktie, one of the perfect and considerable types of ties for your work and outings. Most men consider it as one of the types of consideration whenever we think about a tie. 

The Bow Tie

If you want to give a lasting or unforgettable impression, then a bow tie is the one to consider. There are three types of bow tie- self-tied, pre-tied, and clip-on. The man who chooses to wear a bow tie means they are looking to look different from the crowd. It is recommended to wear on social yet wedding occasions as it makes you look perfectly fabulous among all. 

An Unique Type- Ascot Or Cravat

You may call it the grandfather of the modern bow tie. Ascot or cravat can be worn anywhere around the neck. Both ascot and cravat are similar. An Ascot is one of the formal types of neckties that are wearable knotting using pings with a morning dress. Moreover, it is a type of scarf which is worn to cover the open-shirt collar. 

This type of necktie was once known as one of the most appealing and stylish accessories that were used to dress up the casual look at informal events. 

Now once you know about the most common and considered tie types, let’s dive into understanding the types of tie patterns available to consider. You can also explore Ties.com to buy the perfect type of tie pattern for you. 

Solid Ties

  • Simplest and Basic Option & Casual Business Outings
  • Best for formal events

Note: Make sure you get the right color according to your suit & shirt color as well as your skin tone.

Diagonal Striped Ties

  • A classic choice for business class guys
  • Easy to match with suit & shirt

Note: Choosing the right color, stripes width, and pattern repetition are essential as these factors can give a different look to your overall look. Moreover, try to have plain or less printed shirts/suits to help you match the striped tie easily. 

Final Thoughts

The information doesn’t end here. There is still a lot more to share about this small outfit, a tie. To know more and explore more about this essential part of a dress, you must visit Ties.com

Last but not least to all the men around the world, you are here to impress, so keep tying a tie and impress. 

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