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Educational apps for students and kids

Author : purplepragnya
Publish Date : 2021-02-09 07:23:19
Educational apps for students and kids

Not so long ago, smart phones were considered to be distractions for students. They were taken in a negative way and a clear sense of distraction. Teacher and parents had tried every chance of not letting their students and kids get distracted from studies due to these smart phones. But, as we see now everything went in vain.


But with passing time and increasing technology we also learnt that smart phones can play a huge role in education system. With time mobile apps in smart turns turned into virtual classrooms. These applications also encourage young students to enjoy learning and explore since the method of learning is fun and creative than the ones in a traditional classroom. Mobile phones are surely changing the way studies are taking place. With the help of leaning management software it is surely changing the educational landscape.


Let’s look at the best educational apps that can be used for creative and fun studying.


Google Classroom


In a traditional method of learning students are given homework to complete and the teachers are suppose to review those assignments and grade them accordingly. But is it as easy as it sounds? That’s a definite no, the entire process of reviewing them and grading the students is tedious work to do. Google classroom is clearly a solution to this tedious work of students and teachers.


Google classroom is a virtual classroom for all sorts. One can use Google Classroom for sending announcements, creating classrooms, starting discussions, remarks and answers, sharing resources and so on,.


Setting up a Google classroom is for best CBSE school in Andhra Pradesh is not a difficult task. Teachers share the code with the classroom and the students join with that code. Taking about the features of Google Classroom, here are a few features:

  • faster grading process
  • Improved organization
  • Enhanced communication


Khan Academy


No doubt that Khan Academy tops the list of free educational applications for students. The main aim of the academy is to provide world class free education to curious minds around the world and they are doing it pretty well.

Their way of teaching is different and unique. The lessons taught to students are in the form of videos. Videos stay in mind of students for a longer period of time and is easily understandable. It also provides online classes for students who are preparing for SAT, LSAT, MCAT etc,.


Features of Khan Academy

  • you can progress tracking
  • Practice exercises of the each chapter and subject
  • Options to learn in multiple languages


Solo Learn


The scope of programming and coding is increasing. With the change in education policy in India coding is a big part of the Indian education system. Therefore this a great platform for all those who’re interested in coding and want to take up seriously for their future. App development is a area which had constant demand for teaching coding. These are the foundation of any mobile app development. Therefore the future for coding is huge. So if you learn in the right way and it is your cup of tea then there are a bunch of opportunities for you out there.



  • free mobile Code editor
  • Tutorial on latest coding trends
  • A separate interactive community for coders



The main feature of edX is to bring top universities of the world to you. Universities like Harvard, Columbia, MIT etc,. Students might think it is tough to learn from these universities but edX will make it an easy path for you to follow. edX has more than 2000 best degree college in Andhra Pradesh and other states which include computer science, engineering, business studies, linguistics etc,. If you worry about the value of the degree, then there is nothing to worry about. The course degree is valuable just like others and helps you build your profession easily.



  • interactive quizzes
  • Material handouts
  • Tutorial through videos


These are a few free educational applications that will surely help curious minds to learn and explore what they’re interested in. It lets them decide what they really want their future to be.

These applications also help you to study in far away universities which would be otherwise difficult due to COVID.

It stays true that no school or university can replace online apps. Sri Prakash Org is one such best school in East Godavari district known for its quality education and highly qualified teachers who work hand in hand with students to make sure they receive the best. Along with academic they also focus on sports and other curriculum activities. Overall development helps in shaping the future of the students.

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