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Complete guide on how to use IPTV

Author : shariq.atiq.z
Publish Date : 2021-03-31 03:47:02
Complete guide on how to use IPTV

DTT channels may not be enough for some users who want to search for new content or channels that they cannot see due to the geographical area in which they are located. These can be autonomous channels from other communities or from other countries that are not available. Be that as it may if you want to see more free channels on your TV, IPTV technology is going to interest you.

With a few simple steps to install what you need on your smartphone, Android TV, smart TV, or PC, you will have everything to start enjoying thousands of television channels with content of all kinds. From documentary channels, movies, cooking, to other series, for adults, for children, etc.


When you surf the net there are many websites that try to attract you to their content with succulent titles or with supposed solutions to watch paid channels for free. Keep one thing in mind, if they give you something for free it is because it is not very legal, or worse, some try to claim your attention to compromise the security of your computer when what you need is hosted on dubious websites with malware.

In this guide, I will show you my experience as an IPTV user and the legal options you have to be able to enjoy it without illegal or illegal services, in addition to using secure apps that do not pose threats to your system and that really work properly. I tell you from my own experience since many of the ones that tell you that they are wonderful do not work so well or you end up getting tired of some shortcomings.


What is IPTV?


IPTV is a name for a technology that comes from Internet Protocol TV, that is, a medium that allows you to watch television using the Internet as a medium to transmit content. Instead of cable, web, or satellite TV, because in this case, you don't need antennas or decoders, just an Internet connection, and an app to watch the channel.

If you are getting tired of always watching the same channels that DTT offers you, it may be that a good improvement could be to use an IPTV service to have more channels at your disposal for free. The truth is that it sounds pretty good right?

Basically, this is achieved by creating a private and direct network between your connected device that you have chosen to watch the channels (smart TV, smartphone, tablet, PC…) and the operator that offers the channels. You only need a router or modem for the connection and nothing else.

What you should know is that while you are using IPTV, a percentage of the bandwidth of your line will be reserved, which is usually around 30% so that the image does not go jerk or the signal is cut due to lack of data. So it can have a buffer to load chunks and that you can see it fluently, as with YouTube videos, which are loaded before playback.

For everything to work properly and you can use other connected devices without affecting too much, you need to have an ADSL or high-speed connection. In my personal case, I have a 12MB speed WiMAX, which is not too high, and IPTV works perfectly on my smart TV while I have my computer and my mobile connected. Obviously, the higher bandwidth and speed you have, the better, especially if you are going to watch content in HD or higher.

Some pay IPTV providers need a decoder, a small device connected to your network and to the TV that what it does is decode the content so that you can watch those channels that cannot be accessed for free (at least legally).

The only component that would be missing to complete what is necessary for IPTV is the software. He will be responsible for sending the IP address of the client requesting the connection to establish the link so that you can start watching the content.

Advantages, disadvantages, and alternatives

As for the advantages and disadvantages, because the main advantage is that you do not need anything to start enjoying in the case of free IPTV, just a connected device where you can view the content and an Internet connection.

But, obviously, you may run into some problems such as that a channel is not seen (although it would have a solution updating your list), or that it is cut off sometimes because the connection is not adequate. That in other services such as OTT (Over The Top) does not happen, that is, in streaming such as HBO, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., since if your connection is good it should work correctly while the servers of the contracted services are good.

And since I have introduced OTT, to say that there are alternatives to IPTV such as free or paid OTT such as the services I have mentioned, and also paid IPTV such as Movistar TV, Vodafone TV, Orange TV, etc., and even other packs such as those from other operators such as Sky, Rakuten TV, MiTele, A3Player, Loves TV,  IPTV Danmark, etc. Most streaming services of very specific content, such as series and movies.

Is it legal?

IPTV is totally legal, what is not legal is how IPTV is used by some users, especially those animated by those dubious websites that promise lists of paid channels for free. For example, many offer you lists such as Movistar TV channels for free through IPTV. You should know that this is illegal since it is a Movistar payment service and they are pirated servers.

So be careful with the content you see, because you could be committing a crime and not know it . Another of the things that seem legal in the IPTV world is those payment services that are on the Internet. They are servers that make you pay amounts that vary depending on the service but can be € 70 or € 90 per year, although there are also packs of 3 months, 6 months, etc. In those cases, lists of thousands of channels are also offered, many of them paid. In those cases, it is something illegal, although it could be considered illegal in many cases.

But fortunately, you should know that there are lists of channels that broadcast openly on other channels and that you could see through a VPN from Spain or by capturing the signal through a satellite dish or decoder, but that they are not paying channels in their respective countries. If those channels, if you catch them by IPTV, it will not be illegal. So you can get thousands and thousands of channels from all over the world, even the autonomous ones in Spain.

The best apps for IPTV

There are many Android and iOS apps for IPTV, and also for your Raspberry Pi and PC. One of the best known is Kodi, which you can install on various platforms to install addons or add-ons and be able to add your channel lists. You can also use apps like VLC Player to watch some channels by adding the link.

For mobile platforms


For mobile devices :

  • Android: personally, for Android phones and tablets, and also for Android TV Box, I like IPTV Extreme, which together with Kodi I consider the best option. A free app that you can install from Google Play and insert the channel list easily to start watching the content. I have tried many others, but I have not liked them as much, such as private IPTV Player, Perfect Player IPTV, GSE Smart IPTV, etc. I leave you the names in case you prefer to try others different from the one I suggest. If you have opted for IPTV Extreme, follow these steps to add the channel list:
    • Once installed, open the app.
    • Then go to this website to add the link to your list.
    • In the first section that appears on the web, but the MAC of your Android TV Box or your smartphone/tablet to identify it. Also, put the link and give it to save.
    • The list will be added, restart the app and you will have the channels ready to watch.
  • iOS: I don't use this platform, but Kodi can be a good option. Although you can opt for Ottplayer, LiveNet TV, GSE Smart IPTV, etc.

On a smart TV


But if what you are looking for is to see it on your smartTV :

  • LG with WebOS: I have two TVs of this type and after installing and uninstalling several apps from the LG App store for IPTV that I saw on various web pages and that they told you they were wonderful, in the end, I returned to the one I was using in a start, which is the one that convinces me the most. It's about Smart IPTV. It is not free, but it is worth paying the € 5.49 it costs to have it forever. The steps to install and configure it are:
    • Go to the app store of your LG Smart TV.
    • Search for Smart IPTV.
    • Click on it and then on the Install button. Wait for it to install.
    • Then you will have it on the menu. You can open it, but it remains to activate it.
    • Look at the code or MAC of your TV that it shows you on the screen. With it, go to the next step.
    • From a connected PC or from your smartphone, enter this website.
    • Now enter the MAC of your TV that will be the identifier. Then put an email and choose a payment method, such as credit card or PayPal to pay the € 5.45 that it is worth to buy it.
    • Once you pay, you can close the app on your TV and reopen and you will see that it is no longer the trial version.
    • Now you can start adding the channel lists you want. In the case of Smart IPTV, it is done online. You just have to go to this website and insert the .m3u file or the list link to add it. Put the MAC of your TV and press Send, confirm that you are not a robot with Captcha and it will be ready.
    • Once added, refresh your Smart IPTV app or close it and reopen it on your TV and you will have all your channels ready to watch.
    • A small detail that they do not tell you on other websites is that if you add a new list, the previous one will be deleted. Therefore, if you want to add several at the same time, use the + option on the web to enter the lists so that they are not overwritten, but all are added at the same time.
  • Others: there are more brands, some based on Android or TizenOS (eg Samsung), there will be no problem locating this app, SSiPTV, or others that I have mentioned above for Android and installing it from the app store on your TV.

Kodi (cross-platform)


For PC you have Kodi, although there are others like VLC Player. I recommend Kodi, although VLC can also work. Both are cross-platform, so they will work for you whether you have macOS, Windows or Linux. Whichever platform you are using Kodi on, you can follow these steps:

  • Once Kodi is installed, open the app.
  • Then go to Add-ons and find the one you want to use for IPTV. There are several, I recommend for example PVR IPTV.
  • Install PVR IPTV Simple Client.
  • Now choose Client Settings that you just installed.
  • In the General tab of the PRV Client settings select URL.
  • There paste the link of the list you want to add

Channel lists

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