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Admission Pointers: Facilities Defining the Best Schools In Bangalore

Author : Shobhittpandeyy
Publish Date : 2021-02-23 10:34:12
Admission Pointers: Facilities Defining the Best Schools In Bangalore

The best schools have resources to support the activities—especially the extracurricular activities—that they offer. If you're checking out schools for your child, one of the major considerations you'll encounter involves the school's facilities. This might not seem all that important at a time when the entire world is battling against a pandemic. But when in-person classes resume, it might already be too late. If the school has any of these facilities, then they're good options for your child. 

However, if that isn't the case, then you still have time to look for options and transfer your child to a new school. 

Size of the School 

First, find out the size of the campus. That should give you an idea of how much room there is, or how much ground the school has. Some schools like the GIIS campus in Bangalore, for instance, have about 220,000 square feet. However, only 20 percent of that is occupied and houses the buildings. The rest is open space. Even if you are looking for a Montessori school in Bangalore, you should consider the size and availability of separate play areas for the youngest children. 

Design of the Classrooms

How are the classrooms designed? Given the pandemic, it's now more important than ever to find out if the classrooms are big enough to allow the children to follow social distancing norms. Also, are there any windows that let in natural light as well as improve ventilation? Classroom design matters. Talk to someone from the school to learn more about this when you're looking for the best school in Bangalore.

Activity Centers

Does the school have indoor and outdoor activity centres? What do they consist of? How are they designed? How does it facilitate easy, smooth, and free movement among the students? These will help you figure out if you're checking out the right school for your little one or not. 

Special Rooms 

Some schools have special rooms. These are rooms dedicated to the study of a particular subject. They essentially give students a place to study technology, math, science, languages, and other art forms like music, painting, or dance. Many of the special rooms, used by clubs or extracurricular programs, provide access to learning and play materials that help develop a child's cognition and mental system. 


There are also schools where students can play. That might not seem important, but play isn't as useless as you think. It's actually a tried-and-tested component in educating children. Play helps children grasp concepts and ideas that are crucial to them learning about the major process of how things and the world work. Playgrounds also offer children a chance to simply have fun. That's not to be underestimated. Children who don't take breaks are more likely to suffer from stress and anxiety. Those who know how to take breaks and enjoy them are more likely to grow up happier and better adjusted. 

Science Laboratories 

Laboratories offer students a place where they could do experiments. That means classes could proceed with ease. Teachers can use the laboratories to conduct experiments and walk the students through scientific processes until they understand their lesson. 

Computer Labs

Students with an affinity for digital platforms and technologies will find these laboratories incredibly satisfying. They don't just realize that they aren't alone, that there are other children who love the same things as they do. With computer labs that provide access to programs and software that allow the children to imagine so much more, to explore the possibilities, and discover any potential they have in the field, schools that come with these laboratories should be first on your list. 


Don't forget to ask about the clinic. Children get sick. It's part of growing up. However, it's admittedly a scary experience right now. With plenty of hospitals nearing full capacity with the arrival of more COVID-19 patients every day, you want to make sure the school has what's needed if a student is sick. 

COVID-19 Precautions 

In light of what's happening, it would be entirely remiss of you not to ask about the safety measures that the school has undertaken since the pandemic started. The best schools in Bangalore will practice strict COVID-19 safety measures and steps in every area to protect the children and essential work staff at school from any possible exposure to the virus. Some of the schools have also implemented alternate class arrangements. For instance, today, the students can attend online sessions, and the next day, they can attend the classes in person. 

Knowing that the school is doing all that it can to take care of the students and its staff and teachers, that they're keeping their facilities safe from contamination and exposure to the virus will reassure parents and children alike. 

Seeking a school for your child is a herculean task, and knowing that the school offers the above facilities, will make the job easier. 

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